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How will Filestage make your reviews easier?

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Comment on files

Click to add comments directly onto all file types

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Manage the review process

Ensure reviews go through a consistent process

View the status of all reviews

Track the status

See an overview of the review status of files anytime

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Get approval

Timestamped & documented approval from all stakeholders

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Watch this short video to see how teams organize and manage their content review process.

Imagine if reviews were easy and stress-free

We say that they can be. Keep scrolling to find out how.

Tired of long email threads?

Projects move faster when you're not stuck chasing people for feedback or wading through your inbox.

But getting stakeholders to review different file types via email is complicated.

Filestage makes it easy for teammates and stakeholders to give feedback on file types, eliminating the need for long email threads.

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Wish that processes were consistent?

Do you hate it when there is no consistency or transparency in the review process, and everything is spread over different tools and channels?

Without it, you can't be sure that every file has been through a consistent process of checks and approvals.

Filestage enables you to build and manage review processes the way you want to. Collect feedback from all reviewers in one place and ensure all files go through a consistent process.

Need to keep an overview?

What happens if there is no transparency in the review and proofing process?

Answer: Files (and projects) get stuck - especially if people travel or are out of office.

Filestage gives you full transparency of the status of reviews at a glance. Quickly decide when a follow-up is needed to get things moving.

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Delayed by time-consuming audits?

Need to meet compliance guidelines and run audits without sacrificing speed of delivery or quality of output?

If there is no consistent and easily accessible record of past reviews, it's difficult and time consuming to get the information you need.

Filestage makes it simple to follow processes, get approvals from the right people, and to export archives in order to prove compliance during an audit.

Looking for some numbers?


Used in 195 countries

Users from all over the world work together with Filestage

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530k users

Have managed content reviews with Filestage since 2015

View the status of all reviews

5.2m files reviewed

PDFs, documents, videos, images and audio files uploaded by users

All features at a glance

Comment on videos, documents, images and audio files

Collaborate in realtime

Clients can comment without registering

Clear versioning

Time-saving approval workflow

Create annotations for intuitive feedback

Integrated to-do list

Archive and export comments

Add your custom branding

Works on mobile

256-bit SSL encryption for your data

Paste review links in tools like Slack, Trello or Basecamp

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Or use the Filestage API to build unique processes within your IT set up.

Best-in-class security. Standard.

Keep your company, employee, and client data safe and secure. Control user permissions and comply with even the most demanding data privacy rules.

Filestage meets all GDPR requirements, utilizes AES 256-bit encryption, and stores your data on EU servers that are ISO 27017 certified.

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We needed a comprehensive online video review system for our content. Filestage has helped us manage our workflow in a much more efficient manner. The approval system allows us to keep track of the status of our videos.

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