How did we come up with the idea for Filestage?

A lot of people ask us how we got the idea to simplify client feedback. To be honest, it came naturally to us. Being media and marketing professionals ourselves, we ran into the problem of managing client reviews on an everyday basis. We tried a bunch of solutions like Dropbox, Vimeo, and email, but nothing seemed to work for us. As much as we loved our work, managing client reviews was stressful.

Aren’t there better ways to get reviews done?

There was this nagging feeling that there must be a great software to organize feedback loops. There wasn't. That’s why we started Filestage. Filestage is a simple yet powerful way to review visual content with clients and co-workers. We kept it lean, easy, and fun to use. Everybody should be able to use it.

Why your feedback is important to us

We build our web app around YOU. So we set off to solve the problems of professionals in media and advertising. Before we wrote a single line of code, we asked for feedback. We interviewed over 50 agencies and freelancers in film, design, and advertising. When we were sure we nailed the problem, we started to develop Filestage. Talking to customers became our routine. Whenever it’s possible we gather feedback from creative professionals like you. Every piece of feedback is valuable to us. It helps us to create the best solution to manage client reviews.

What drives us

Our mission is to support media and advertising professionals in achieving great work. We want you to forget about the feedback process itself and concentrate on the work you love. We believe that a truly powerful software is lean, hassle-free and fun.

Filestage is a wonderful tool to manage my clients' feedback. It takes out the complexity of sharing, reviewing and approving my content.

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