90 Free Templates for Filmmakers – Part 2: Production

After you finally finalized your script, casted your film, hired your crew and found a location, the stress of Pre-Production is over and you should be happy. Now, the really cool stuff/part can begin.

I suppose it’s no secret that film shooting isn’t simply holding the camera and filming your actors. It’s much more than that. There is a lot of paperwork to do during the entire process but also a lot of videos to review. Every step and change must be documented, archived and surveyed by another person. Additionally, you are always under pressure to meet your deadlines. 
To prevent you from racking your brain, we at Filestage decided to support you beyond the production stage with a bunch of free templates you may need during the actual filming stage. Here you go!

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1. Accounting Records

These great templates should help you maintain a general overview over your finances. I know exactly how hard it is to keep track of where your money comes from, and especially where it goes 😉 Check them out!

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2. Equipment Documents

Without cameras, recorders, lights and so on, you surely can’t film. Therefore, you should either borrow or purchase and check your equipment. As always, there are also forms to help you keep track. I don’t think you’ll only have one light and one camera. Better to be safe than sorry.

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3. Film Shooting Forms

As I said before, most people don’t know how much documentation has to be done during the production process. To give you a little bit of extra support, we collected these free production templates for you.

Production Papers

Daily Sheets

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4. Call Sheets

Call sheets are the best way to structure shooting days. It gives everyone an overview, from set requirements to scenes, actors and their costumes, makeup, location and time specifications. This ensures that the crew and the actors know what to do next and nothing will be left behind. I’ve gathered a few, so feel free to check them out and use whichever works for you.

5. Other Templates

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Don’t forget to look at our article “163 Free Templates for Filmmakers – Part 1: Pre-Production. In Addition, there are also some templates you could use for the entire film production process.

Let us know how you like the templates and any likes, shares and suggestions are also very welcome.

Do you have templates you would like to share with the community? Just leave them in the comments  below. We, and I assume other creative professionals, would really appreciate it.

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