Author: Max Benz

Agency Pricing

How to Set Your Agency Fees: 5 Agency Pricing Methods

An agency operating in a competitive industry always has to come up with ways to deliver more value to customers and clients. Adding value to a business relationship is not just one of the ways to stay ahead of the...

Collaborative Workspace

4 Ways to Build a Collaborative Workspace (That Doesn’t Suck)

Most businesses out there put the biggest focus on increasing their profits and on establishing trustworthy relationships with their clients. While this is certainly essential for every success-driven company, many of them tend to overlook another essential aspect – creating...

GMG CoZone Alternative

3 GMG CoZone Alternativen, die du auf dem Schirm haben solltest

Vermutlich hast Du schon davon gehört. Die Proofing- und Freigabesoftware für digitalen Content GMG CoZone stellt Ende August 2018 ihren Service ein. Wenn du GMG CoZone bisher genutzt hast, musst du dir jetzt jedoch keine Sorgen machen. Wir haben dir 3 passende Alternativen für...

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