Niklas Dorn

Niklas Dorn

Passionate about communications and client relations. He loves to dig into behavioral economics to uncover the irrationality in our daily behavior.

Partnership Filestage BrandMaster

Easy branding and marketing thanks to new partnership between Filestage and BrandMaster

Filestage, the Online Proofing SaaS platform, started a partnership with BrandMaster. The companies now offer a state-of-the-art customer-centric platform for brand management and marketing with online proofing capabilities.

The 20+ Best Review and Approval Tools Compared

The 22 best review and approval tools for every situation

Find the best review and approval solutions and alternatives to share and comment on videos, images, documents and audio files. Including a comparison chart.


How to Write a Storyboard

In film and video business it’s all about the story and the storyline. A great tool to structure the story of a film is a storyboard. Learn here how to write a useful and effective storyboard.

Working at Advertising Agency

16 Pros and Cons of Working at an Advertising Agency

People all over the world are idolizing creative agencies. Before you go ahead and sign that contract, remember everything comes with a price.

Creative Brief

10 Points Every Creative Brief Must Contain

Working without a clear creative brief, is like driving with broken headlights at night. This 10 points make every creative brief ready for the road

Easy content review & proofing for teams

Use Filestage to review videos, images, and documents all in one place.


Filestage is rated 4.8 out of 5 by users on Capterra