Meet The Marketing Team That Specializes in Estate Agencies

Marketing and advertising are very intricate things. You can’t use the same strategy for every case. For example, software must be advertised very differently than a chocolate bar.

So it’s only natural that marketers specialize their expertise to the needs of certain industries and trades, just as Growth Track did. Growth Track is a UK digital marketing team that focuses on estate agencies. In this article, you’ll learn how they increase their productivity by saving their employees up to 20 hours of work per week.

Newspapers, Estate, and the Internet


“We are big believers in the power of keeping things simple,” says Stephen Phillips, founder and managing director of Growth Track. In 2012, he unified a team of passionate former real estate agents to have one goal: more business with less effort. Therefore, they tailor their professional marketing services to estate agencies.

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“We understand the needs of our customers, as we used to work in the estate business ourselves,” explains Stephen. “The only real difference between a large estate agency and a small one is the amount of clients it has.”

For real estate, traditional advertising has been on the decline for a while. A lot of people don’t look into the “Property: Rent & Sell” section of a newspaper anymore when they are looking for a new home. Rather, they use the internet to stay informed.

“Traditional advertising has indeed become far less effective,” confirms Stephen. “But digital solutions and the internet can be a problem as well. For many, social media, email, and SEO can be too complicated to learn and adapt to,” he continues.

Fortunately, Stephen’s team is offering plenty of services to help out both small and large estate agencies. These services include professional email branding, creation, design, publication of digital newsletters, and SEO optimization, to just name a few.

“We take the best digital marketing tools and make them easy and effortless to use,” Stephen says. “This way, our customers can look professional online and free up time to focus on what’s important for them: running their business.”

Make Things Easy

We at Filestage share the same philosophy: Make things easy, so professionals can be productive again. Stephen: “Maybe that’s why Filestage was such a natural fit for us!” His team uses Filestage to discuss designs for branded emails with their clients.

“A successful project needs two things: careful preparation and massive attention to details and processes,” explains Stephen. Therefore, it’s no wonder that  Growth Track started using this tool. Filestage’s structured review and feedback processes allow users  to discuss even the smallest of details with clients to design a product that truly fits their needs.

“We used to discuss our designs with our clients via email. It was confusing and cost us a lot of time,” Stephen remembers. “But with Filestage, we could cut this entire back-and-forth of emails from our daily workflow.As a result, we save ourselves more than 20 hours of work every single week!”

This benefit is not only a plus for the Growth Track team. Now, their clients save time by having Stephen’s team do their designs and they have an easy way to communicate their feedback on designs. Stephen sums up, “We are very happy with Filestage. They are a great team!”

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