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B2B (short for business-to-business)  marketing is a very difficult field. In B2B, selling a product or establishing a relationship differs a lot from regular business-to-consumer marketing.

However, the German creative and media agency LINGNER.COM focuses on this field. Their goal is to transform B2B brands into digital characters. To achieve this goal, LINGNER.COM offers its clients holistic concepts, including web-based solutions, social media strategies, and, of course, creative content (such as videos or images).

We talked to Fabian Borst, who is responsible for video concepts and creations at LINGNER.COM. Our conversation spanned client communications, personal brands, and dentistry.


For Fabian, the secret recipe for successfully managing and realizing a project is simple: “Listening, listening, and even more listening. Then you can start thinking and developing solutionsnot the other way round.”

The LINGNER.COM team has fully mastered this way of engaging customers and developing campaigns. “What makes us stand out is the way we interact with clients, regardless of whether or not my colleagues develop social media strategies or web projects, or if my team realizes creative content projects. To achieve the most successful of collaborations, we are open about every step we take and every decision we make.”

Meet the creative content team:


A big part of their campaigns and projects is focused on creating video clips to capture their clients’ personal brands. Unconventional designs and approaches are perfectly tailored to their clients’ needs, and are necessary to achieve this.

“We create videos and films that are meant to convey messages, not to be pigeonholed,” explains Fabian. At LINGNER.COM, creativity is the secret sauce for exciting and engaging communication. “It’s also what makes every project a unique experienceand my job fun and interesting!”

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The Challenge

Recently, the LINGNER.COM video team has been working on a complex animation film. Their client, Dentsply Sirona, the world’s biggest producer of dental equipment and consumables, came to LINGNER.COM with a B2B inquiry. Fabian and his team should create an accessible showcase of new equipment for dentists to explore.

“Evolution of the Dental Practice” explains the change of dental medicine through the agesall contained in an animated dentist’s office. “There are a lot of similarities between the development of modern society as a whole and dentistry as a part of it. It’s a step-by-step advancement from analog to digital technologies. In a playful way, we tried to illustrate the workflow of a modern digital dentist’s office, as well as the aged analog methods,” explains Fabian.

From detailed animations to the very first draft on the concept board, the team closely worked with their clients. Fabian: “Due to its complexity, client feedback was essential during this particular project. After all, dentists want to find their own practices and workflows while watching the video.” Without the help of this little tool, this process would have been a very hard task to face.

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How Filestage Helped

Keeping up efficient, open communication with their customers is one of the biggest ambitions for the creative minds of the LINGNER.COM team. “Often, we work on numerous projects at the same time. The challenge is to always keep an overview of the status and the next steps of a singular project.”

By using Filestage, the LINGNER.COM video team manages to keep cool, even when facing the most heated project stress. “The project overview of Filestage is a great way to keep track of the status of every single project we work on.” The tool also helped them by coordinating their animated movie “Evolution of the Dental Practice”.

“The comment function of Filestage turned out to be a huge improvement to our workflow. We can develop a constructive dialogue with our clientsright there in our video files,” Fabian adds.  “And if we are unsure about the feedback we received earlier, we can just check the latest version of our video. It’s all there: the discussions, the comments, the feedback. You are always up-to-date!” Nevertheless, it took a long time to create the final video. “But our client was very happy with our collaboration.”

“Filestage definitely makes our post-production workflow way easier. But most importantly, it offers us a great tool for surpassing our clients’ expectations: by offering them the best content possible. You could say it allows us to provide them with additional value,” Fabian concludes.

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