How to Make a Successful Pitch – Unicorn-Style

Pitch decks are one of the most important musts for every start-up. If you want to present yourself and your company in the proper light, you need a professional,  convincing presentation. But one company has your back:  UnicornPitch, a company with a dreamy name. We talked with co-founder and CEO Robin Yoshida about investors, workflows, and bad pitch decks.

An Idea, a Pitch, a Start-Up

“We are a one-in-a-million service.” That’s how Robin Yoshida describes UnicornPitch. “We help start-ups convince investors and look professional with their pitch decks. But we also offer on-demand service for presentations in well-established companies.” The basic premise of Robin’s business is easy: Be professional, look professional.

“The idea for our business was born when my co-founders Felix and Denniswho are also active as business angelsrealized how many bad pitch decks they receive on a daily basis,” explains Robin. After they met up with other business angels to discuss this finding, it was evident. A lot of young start-ups fail because they can’t impress investors, although they have an interesting idea.

“With most start-ups, it’s the team behind the scenes that creates success: Motivation, performance and, of course, skills. And these qualities apply to us,” Robin explains. To make these teams shine, they need a memorable presentation with a good storyline, precise content, and great design. And that’s where Robin’s team steps in: They provide a way to keep going.



“For us, the personal touch is important,” Robin explains. “We offer professional consulting for content and senior designers to make sure that all pitch presentations are equipped with story content, have fast turnaround times, and are perfectly in line with our clients’ design requirements, such as corporate designs.” This service can become very valuable for their clients. As the founders of UnicornPitch have experienced themselves, a good pitch deck can make the difference between not being funded and establishing a business.

“That’s why we try to design our pitch decks as creatively as possible,” says Robin. “But we always stay comprehensible and clear, both on the level of aesthetics and of text and argumentation. That’s what our clients expect.”

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Connecting with Clients

“When we design a pitch deck, there’s one essential thing: comprehensible, clear communication among all stakeholders,” Robin explains. At UnicornPitch, this starts with a briefing and a re-briefing to clarify deadlines and expectations. “I think it’s important to be open and transparent with a client: What is possible, in what amount of time, and with what amount of effort needed.”

Down the road, there’s also a need for clear feedback and reviews on drafts of the pitch decks. “We used to ask our clients to put their feedback into an email, which made review processes lengthy, unintuitive, and sometimes just difficult to understand.” It was also hardly practical for the workflow on Robin’s team. “Basically, we had to take the feedback of our clients and translate it into a checklist for our working process,” he explains.

To keep up the pace and create an efficient alternative to long-text emails, they introduced Filestage into their daily workflow.



An Efficient Workflow

“Filestage offers a lot of functionality for our internal processes. Versioning keeps our projects well-structured, and the integrated to-do list makes it easy to process feedback,” says Robin. “But most importantly: It’s just so intuitive.”

Thanks to Filestage, the feedback process for the pitch decks has become much clearer. “Now, clients can leave precise comments. And we can ask for clarifications and details if necessary,” says Robin. “Everyone always has the newest version, which prevents misunderstandings.”

“Filestage helps us in all of our projects. We always keep an overview of all the feedback and stakeholders in our projects, and don’t have to go through hundreds of emails with different feedback versions,” explains Robin.

The clients of UnicornPitch have also profited a lot from the new tool. “Since we started using Filestage, our clients are happier with our work, and our workload has noticeably decreased. We save countless hours on every single project.”



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