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All You Need to Know to Create a Successful Marketing Campaign

A creative out-of-the-box campaign requires thorough planning and preparation. And if you manage to tick all the right boxes, the results will bring your business to the next level. But what are the important steps for setting up a successful marketing campaign? Read More

How To Create A Marketing Request Form (And Save 100s Of Hours)

A marketing request form is a simple way of establishing streamlined communication between your team and others. This form enables the requester to clearly outline specific marketing services, materials, or information they require to execute the projects or services. Read More

A Simple-to-Use Project Communication Plan for Teams

A project communication plan is a critical resource that helps project stakeholders to communicate clearly and effectively with one another. Read More

The ultimate guide to stakeholder management for your marketing projects

Stakeholders provide the skills, insight, influence and sometimes resources needed to make a project successful. Some clear feedback or approval from your external and internal stakeholders may be all you need to take your marketing project to the next level. However, the major challenge that comes with having stakeholders is managing them. Read More

How to Use a Client Feedback Form to Get Better Feedback (Including a Template)

Collecting client feedback can help you to keep your clients happy and boost your results. Here’s how to effectively use a client feedback form. Read More

Easy-to-Use Client Onboarding Checklist to Welcome New Clients

The client onboarding process is the perfect opportunity to leave a positive first impression. The process is filled with promise, and if you handle it… Read More

How to Handle Project Change Requests Effectively (incl. 10 Templates)

Revisions and changes are inevitable parts of the creative process. As a marketing project manager, it’s your job to… Read More

How to create an effective project timeline in 2021 (including 5 templates)

Project timelines are an essential part of the project to ensure that your project is transparent and well-planned. You can make use of project management tools and templates to structure each project from start to finish. At the end of the day, this can have a significant impact on your work. Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Project Sign Off Sheets (incl. 7 Templates)

Within any creative process, there may be no definitive end to the new ideas that seem to pop up along the way. While on the one hand, changes and additions to a project can add significant value, they can also derail it if they aren’t kept in check. Using a sign-off sheet is an effective way to keep your project on target and all stakeholders informed and happy with its progress. Read More

How to write a compelling business case (incl. free business case template)

Business cases help managers decide if company resources should be spent on a project or not. This way, they ensure that the limited funds they have are only awarded to the most lucrative projects. To this end, it’s the job of the project proposer to put forward their case in the best possible light. They need to convince the decision-makers that their project is one worth the investment of time, money, and resources. Read More