document management

What You Need to Know to Get Started with Document Management

A paperless office is great since you can save a lot of space, time and money. But keeping your digital files organized can be a hassle. Therefore you should make use of a document management system that can help you and your company organize your digital storage.

explainer video software

The Ultimate Overview of the Best Explainer Video Software

An explainer video is a fantastic resource that improves customers’ experience on your website. What’s more, there are plenty of great pieces of dedicated software that you can use to quickly and easily create explainer videos that are smart, professional and engaging.

Design Collaboration Tools

Best design collaboration tools for creative teams

Making the design process more efficient is essential for any business, and that’s where design collaboration tools come in. This article is about how you can improve design collaboration with colleagues, partners, and clients. So if you’re looking for the best design collaboration tools for your team, keep on reading.

share videos

25 quick and easy ways to share video online in 2021

Choosing the right video-sharing tool can streamline your distribution phase, save valuable time, and even contribute to the bottom line of your business. In this article, we present the 25 best tools to share videos online in 2021, for those just looking for ways to easily share large video files, and even those who need a more sophisticated video production management software for your marketing function.

feedback tools

The 29 most popular design feedback tools for creative projects

Feedback is important for improving content quality in any project. For designers, precise and in-context comments and annotations are necessary to avoid miscommunication and meet client’s or stakeholder’s expectations. That’s where feedback tools are helpful and make it easy for stakeholders to share their input on design files.