Client feedback as a concept is very broad. It can refer to collecting broad feedback from many clients or to collecting feedback from one client on a specific piece of work. The latter, more specific process is the topic that we will cover in this article.

How Client Feedback Software Can Help You Create Stronger Client Relations

With any piece of commissioned work that you do, you naturally want to ensure that your client is as happy as possible. Achieving this goal requires a lot of careful thought and editing as well as effective responses to feedback. This is especially true when working with clients. 

If your services have been enlisted to complete a piece of work for a client, understanding how to request feedback is an important skill. Then, successfully implementing feedback requires a lot of forethought on your part. That’s where client feedback software can provide real benefits. 

When and Why Should You Collect Client Feedback? 

Getting client feedback on a piece of work is about far more than simple politeness. 

There are a wide variety of instances where ascertaining client feedback is a vital step. These situations include: 

  • Working on a collaborative project with an external party.
  • Producing a paid piece of work for a client. 
  • Creating a piece of marketing for the client’s business. 
  • Collecting feedback from clients to evaluate client satisfaction and customer service. This can be achieved through surveys.
  • Ascertaining your Net promoter score. 

Client feedback as a concept is very broad. It can refer to collecting broad feedback from many clients or to collecting feedback from one client on a specific piece of work. The latter, more specific process is the topic that we will cover in this article. 

In order to uphold one of the best customer satisfaction rates in your industry, you should solicit  feedback whenever you have a completed piece of work.  

Moreover, in order to stand out from competitors, you should seek feedback at multiple points in the creation process. However, feedback should be sought in a way that is not overwhelming or time consuming for the client. That’s where a piece of easy-to-use customer feedback software proves invaluable. 

Essentially, you should collect client feedback at every main step of your project. This is an integral part of securing strong customer satisfaction and is a great way to successfully manage your client’s expectations. Furthermore, it will save you time and money as it ensures that your work aligns with your client’s expectations. 

What Is Client Feedback Software? 

Client feedback software is a feedback tool that is designed to make this process easier, more efficient, and clearer for both parties.

The purpose of client feedback software is to enable companies to take their client feedback process entirely online. Customer feedback tools offer features to collect feedback from individual clients on a project.

These features can include the ability to: 

  • Share files with your clients.
  • Invite reviewers via a link or email.
  • Leave comments and annotations directly in the file – including images, videos, documents, and audio files.
  • Discuss comments in real time.
  • Set deadline reminders.
  • Monitor file versioning.
  • Submit review decisions, request changes or approve the file.
  • Keep an overview of all files under review. 
  • Build approval processes consisting of multiple review steps for different reviewer groups.

As you can see, customer feedback software includes a wide range of different tools and features. Each of these are specifically designed to improve the interactions that you have with your businesses’ clients and customers. 

Below, we’ll help you to better understand how and why these features should be used, to put in place a more efficient customer feedback system. 

The Benefits of Using Client Feedback Software 

By using feedback management software, users can implement a professional and highly effective feedback process for their business. This capability offers teams a huge array of benefits that we outline below, including:

Benefits of Using Client Feedback Software

Establish an official review process 

Client feedback software facilitates the implementation of an official document review and approval process. With this software, you can introduce a company-wide amendment process. This way, every new piece of content will be reviewed through a fixed official process. 

Leave feedback quickly and easily

Customer feedback software makes collecting customer feedback quick and easy. The simple cloud-based platform can be accessed by the client from anywhere, and their feedback can be left remotely through a direct message or a few clicks (rather than a long and complex email thread). 

No feedback is lost 

The online software keeps your feedback safe and secure. So, important notes won’t ever get lost in a sea of emails again. This will help you to create a clear, ordered system in which all feedback is kept in a single file. 

Get more precise feedback and save time 

With this tool, users can submit their online reviews directly on the document. They can even use annotation tools to pinpoint exact areas that they wish to change. Together with real-time discussions, this feature ensures the submission of clear, precise and thorough feedback from clients. As a result, feedback can be easily understood and more successfully implemented. Additionally this saves your team a lot of time and reduces the amount of review rounds. 

Manage feedback and keep track of each file

Customer feedback software contains a number of key management features including the ability to review all user feedback, monitor the status of documents, and ascertain whether or not you are on track to meet your deadlines. The other benefit of this software is that it makes version management clear and simple. 

Improve your customer experience

This software improves customer experience from a wide range of different angles. Not only will customers see that you value their thoughts, but they will be impressed that you want to dedicate so much time and effort to ensuring that they are satisfied with your work. 

10 Pieces of Client Feedback Software To Transform Your Client Relations 

As you can see, there are many benefits to be gained by implementing client feedback software into your operations. 

So, below, we’ve created a list of some of the best customer feedback tools on the market today. You can choose the best product for your specific business from these great options. 


Filestage Client Feedback Software

Filestage is an online proofing solution that makes it easy to share files, collect feedback and get approval from colleagues and clients. Users can invite an unlimited number of reviewers to view, comment on and discuss files in real-time. This makes collaborating easy and ensures that every invested stakeholder has their say. 

Since Filestage is easy to use, everyone can get started and leave feedback in minutes. Plus, users can manage their projects and keep track of files in the review process on the centralized platform. Filestage offers many features that help you save time and work more efficiently by automating manual tasks. For example, you can set deadlines and send automatic reminders to reviewers. 

Filestage’s feedback management system allows more transparency since clients can view and discuss all file versions and feedback in a single place, allowing them to enjoy a smooth, open and professional experience.

Approval Studio 

Approval Studio Client Feedback Software

Approval Studio is a piece of feedback management software that is especially designed for creative studios and agencies. This tool is made to suit the specific operations of creatives producing materials such as web-based graphics, packaging designs, and printed designs. 

With Approval Studio, users can access feedback on their design draft, leave annotations directly on the document, and partake in discussions in real time. However, since the software has no progress tracking or project workflow features, it is best suited for single design projects. 

Furthermore, Approval Studio offers four comparison modes. This method of version management helps users to keep track of new changes and directly compare different versions alongside each other. 


Ashore Client Feedback Software

Ashore is an example of a collaborative, web-based, and creative customer feedback tool.  

This online proofing software collects every version and every relevant message or bit of conversation, email, comment or notification into one location. Although Ashore offers a number of file upload features (including document recovery, storing, sharing and converting capabilities), it does not offer much in the way of managing these files. For instance, the tool does not provide document management, task management, or workflow management features. 

Although Ashore can ensure that your business’s file upload and sharing process is far better managed, the absence of an activity dashboard and associated managerial aids may pose some problems. 


Wrike Client Feedback Software

Wrike is a piece of client feedback software that prioritizes collaborative efforts. This tool is suited for companies of a medium size whose members operate as a team across their projects. It is also intended to help these users manage a number of different projects at one time, while working to keep their customer effort score (CES) as high as possible. 

Using Wrike, managers can create custom workflows, enter specific fields and design bespoke reports for each project. Furthermore, Wrike provides a comprehensive work management platform, version control, progress tracking and data import/export features. 

However, some users have reported that not all of these features are easy to use, which may pose a problem if external users are accessing the files, particularly a client with no prior experience with this type of software. 


Filecamp Client Feedback Software

Filecamp is an example of a client feedback software solution that is centered upon all things related to Digital Asset Management (DAM). This cloud-based tool is specifically designed to help businesses improve management of digital media. This includes everything from storage of content to the creation process, particularly the review and approval step. 

By using Filecamp, clients can leave their comments directly on drafted digital assets. Editors can then access the feedback and edit the document accordingly. This can be implemented across the board and even made specific to each digital asset. 

However, one of the common client feedback software features which some Filecamp users have missed is multi-channel marketing or management capabilities. 


GoProof Client Feedback Software

GoProof is a client feedback software that specializes in collaboration on creative media. It provides a centralized platform through which both content creators and clients can review a piece of work. This cloud-based editing software is specifically intended for Adobe Creative Cloud documents as well as other commonly used creative file types, including videos, images, posters, and file exports.

In fact, GoProof’s Megafix function allows users to reduce the size of their Adobe InDesign documents and prevent file sizes from bloating excessively as changes are added. This is achieved through the Metafix plugin which removes unnecessary metadata from the files. 

One issue that users have reported with GoProof, however, is that it can be difficult to operate for those unfamiliar with digital design and online artwork tools. 


ProofHub Client Feedback Software

ProofHub is a collaborative tool that enables businesses and teams to approach all of their projects through a single, centralized location online. 

This client feedback software offers a range of features. For example, ProofHub’s team accountability function ensures that everyone sticks to deadlines. Meanwhile, its specialized  Kanban boards encourage an attitude of self-management. Furthermore, custom roles and workflows allow clients and editors alike to fully understand their roles and what projects require of them. 

Through ProofHub, managers can assign individual tasks in order to keep the entire client feedback process running smoothly. However, one of the main issues with this software is the inability to see edits being made in real time. 


GoVisually Client Feedback Software

GoVisually is a piece of feedback software that is intended for use by creative teams, design studios and marketing agencies as well as smaller-scale freelancers.

With its multitude of functions, this tool is well-equipped to aid with the design process for assets including designs, social media assets, PDFs, and print material, such as magazines. 

GoVisually provides an easy-to-use portal where users can quickly collect feedback and formally sign off on a piece of creative work. But, the big downside to this tool is the fact that it doesn’t offer real time analytics, data, notifications or reporting, which can be a hindrance to collaborative work. 


ReviewStudio Client Feedback Software

ReviewStudio is an online proofing platform made to assist with collaborative work, particularly for those working alongside clients, through the use of a centralized set of dashboards and comments. 

ReviewStudio successfully takes the review and approval process of marketing teams, social media agencies, production studios and other creative agencies online. With this tool, users can track revisions made to the asset through the tool’s integrated task management function. This can even be undertaken in real time through the software’s live chat. 

The main issues that users of ReviewStudio have reported are problems when sharing the files with their clients. Some businesses have stated that external users have found it difficult to understand how to leave online reviews through ReviewStudio. 


PageProof Client Feedback Software

PageProof is a client feedback software that promises to transform the review and approval process. 

This software provides users with a wide range of features to efficiently streamline their entire client feedback process. These features include markup tools, specific project tracking and planning functions, a to-do list, version control and comprehensive workflow management.

The main drawbacks that users of PageProof have reported are some issues with notifications and timestamps for projects. 

What Does A Typical Client Feedback Process Look Like? 

Once you’ve chosen the best customer feedback tool for your company operations, you can immediately begin to introduce the tool into your workflow. 

To help you with this step, below you’ll find an outline of the typical structure of a project feedback loop with a client, using online client feedback software. 

1. Share the file and request feedback.

When you feel that the project is ready to be reviewed by the client, share a copy of the document with the client. With client feedback software, this can be done by uploading the file to the platform, inviting the client (either by adding their email address, or by sharing the review link via an online messenger), then asking them to leave their feedback and suggestions on the file. 

2. Receive feedback. 

The client can easily access and view the file in their browser by clicking on the shared link. In the tool, clients (the reviewers in this case) can leave clear and precise feedback directly on the document, image or video. If there are multiple reviewers for one file, they can also see all comments from others and even discuss them with each other. 

Client Feedback Process

3. Implement feedback. 

Once the client has submitted their feedback, the document will be returned to its editor who will implement the client’s feedback. If any feedback from the client is unclear, you can ask them questions by replying to their comments. 

4. Conduct another feedback round with the client. 

In order to show your client that you value their thoughts (and provide an excellent level of customer service), repeat the process of uploading revisions and requesting feedback until they are satisfied with the results. 

Feedback Process with Client

5. Get their official sign off. 

When your clients are satisfied, they can approve the file within your client feedback software with just one click. This way you gain a formal and official sign off from the client and can complete this step of the project.

Final thoughts on this process

Although this example demonstrated how a feedback session can be introduced at the end of the project, it is important to note that this could take place at a number of different points in the creation process. 

Using your new customer feedback tool to ascertain your client’s thoughts could take place several different times, including after the first draft, mid-way through as a check-in with the client, or once you believe that the asset is finalized.  

By conducting this feedback process at regular intervals, you can provide a far more personable and attentive level of customer service. What’s more, through this extra effort, your business can aspire towards achieving an impressive customer effort score.  

5 Tips For Improving The Way You Communicate With Your Clients 

Across the board – whether it is during your new client feedback process or just in general day to day discussions – managers always need to carefully consider the way that they communicate with clients. 

After all, it’s imperative that communication is friendly and professional, and that it conveys a tone of welcoming feedback with no possibility of it being misunderstood. 

So, that’s where these top five client communication tips will come in really handy.

5 Tips For Improving The Way You Communicate With Your Clients

Respond to feedback in positive and helpful terms 

When your client provides you with their thoughts, be sure to thank them for their comments (even if there are a lot of amendments to be made). Say that you will start editing the document based on their desired changes and that you will provide  another revised draft promptly.

Make it easy for clients

Utilizing easy to use software is essential here. It is in your best interests to make it simple for your clients to access files and leave feedback with the right tool. So, make it clear to them how to access the file, what you require from them, and where exactly they should leave their feedback. 

Help your clients use the tool 

Expanding on the point above, give your clients clear instructions on how to use the software. Most of the options above are designed to be user friendly, so this should not take you too long. Then, guide clients through the process of leaving precise and visual feedback, ideally located directly onto the document. This will save you significant time in the long run.  

Regularly request feedback 

We can’t stress this enough. Ask for the client’s input at several points during the project – including at the initial drafting stage, after a first draft has been completed, and just before the asset is due to be finalized. This is one of the best ways that your business can work towards improving key customer satisfaction metrics, like your net promoter score and customer effort score. 

There’s no excuse for misunderstandings 

Discuss the client’s feedback with them in more detail if something is unclear. This will not only save you time and money and prevent any wasted effort, but it is also a great way to ensure that you provide a positive customer experience (after all, a long-winded and confusing feedback process isn’t enjoyable for anyone). 


Maintaining a positive relationship with your clients is fundamental to your business’ success. You don’t need us to tell you that. But, we hope that we have shown you just how much there is to be gained from adopting client feedback software into your operations. 

Through this guide to the best customer feedback tools on the market, we’ve given you all the guidance and recommendations that you need to improve your customer experience tenfold. 

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