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Find the best document approval software for your needs

Approving new company documents is an absolutely imperative step in the process for any business, regardless of the size or type of operation. 

However, when it comes to granting approval, all too often organizations rely on confusing and outdated mediums like emails, printouts, and verbal communication (or a combination of the above). 

What is document approval software? 

Document approval software helps project managers streamline the way of receiving approval from different stakeholders. It provides a formal, established, and routine process for the approval of new documents

In addition to upgrading your content review process, the software also provides a collaborative space for submission, editing, reviewing, and general progress tracking of documents. 

10 document approval workflow software solutions you should check out

In order to aid your search for the best document approval software for your business, we’ve rounded up ten of the very best document approval workflow software solutions on the market.


Filestage provides teams with an all-in-one approval solution for documents and any other file types. The platform streamlines collaborative work with customizable workflows, task automation, and in-built versioning. 

This review and approval software is easy to set up, learn and use. Therefore, it boosts the productivity of teams by reducing the effort and time spent by everyone involved in the approval process. 

With Filestage, you can manage all of your approvals in a single place, and you always have an overview of the status of each document. Therefore, it’s the perfect tool to organize your document feedback and approval process in a clear, easy, and efficient way. 


Integrify document management software

Integrify is a document management software that enables a thorough, professional, and streamlined transition to an automated workflow. 

With this tool, marketing teams can utilize the collaborative centralized portal to access forms, monitor the progress of their workflow, and then review and approve any new pieces of documentation. The multi-tool software is designed to keep processes formal, dependable, and tightly established across the entire business. 


filecamp cloud-based media organization tool

Filecamp is a cloud-based media organization tool that can be edited to match your company’s unique branding guidelines. This digital asset management software specializes in offering a shared space for the collaborative creation of digital media. 

In terms of document approval, Filecamp keeps all assets well-organized and clearly categorized. This allows for a thoroughly managed workflow management and a neat document approval system. 


Pandadoc document approval software solution

PandaDoc is a document approval software solution that was created with sales teams in mind. It’s designed to streamline the workflow of business deals, enabling businesses to improve operations while also providing a better experience for the buyer.

For the approval step, PandaDoc offers thorough management of legal documents from drafting right through final signing. This way, teams can ensure that each document meets company guidelines. 


smartsheet project management software

Smartsheet helps companies oversee their documents. The management capabilities offered by this online project management software allow content managers to plan, track, review and ultimately approve new company documents. 

As you implement your new document approval system, Smartsheet helps users to keep this step transparent and accessible for all of the team members involved. 


kissflow digital workplace software

Kissflow facilitates a streamlined collaborative workflow, while also enabling managers to oversee the entire process with more clarity. 

This digital workplace software offers a user-friendly solution to shared pieces of group work in the form of a codeless and easily installed platform. Although some users have reported that they would wish for additional extra features at this price, this software does present a simple and effective option for the document approval process.


filehold high-tech company document collaboration software

This piece of software can upscale to provide a shared platform for thousands of users and millions of documents. That’s why FileHold is mostly recommended for larger teams, such as those with 20 or more individuals. The extent of space that FileHold offers is also the justification behind its higher monthly fee. 

This piece of software is mostly recommended for high-tech companies, manufacturers, and healthcare organizations. Additionally, FileHold users have the option to either install the software on their device or access it through the cloud. 


Folderit collaborative document management platform

FOLDERIT is a collaborative document management platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses. According to Capterra’s review of the software, FOLDERIT delivers a user-friendly document management system

This approval software keeps documents easily accessible. It provides users with offline access to documents, while also keeping documents safe through its document retention and file recovery capabilities. 


Bitrix24 remote-working team document collaboration

Bitrix24 is designed for the usage of remote-working teams and businesses operating on a smaller scale. Over four million global businesses are currently signed up to use this piece of software. 

It allows users to work collaboratively in a way that encourages teams to retain their efficiency and organization. Bitrix24 keeps ideas and knowledge as well as documents, files, and projects secure, readily shareable, and easy to locate. 


Wrike work management tool

Wrike’s software is designed to keep remotely working teams collaborating online as they would in person. It allows users to combine 44 different tools in one integrated work system. 

Plus, it offers key project management tools like Gantt charts, Kanban boards, synced calendars, and real-time updates. The optimum usage for this work management tool is teams of over 20, and Wrike is particularly geared towards marketing and design teams.

Benefits of document approval systems 

A document approval system allows users to share, review, and collaborate on various documents all in one place. This offers a lot of benefits to your team, project collaborators, and clients. In the following, we explain some of the benefits in more detail: 

Structure your document approval process 

Document approval systems allow you to manage all your documents in one place and to simplify and structure the approval process. For example, you can create multiple review steps for different reviewer groups. This way, you can create custom approval processes for each document or project. 

Increase transparency

A document approval system offers project managers complete visibility about all the documents and their review status. Plus, it increases the transparency for reviewers since they can interact with comments from other reviewers and see their review decision. 

Make documents meet all the requirements 

By involving all stakeholders in the review and approval process, you can ensure that your documents meet all quality and compliance standards and align with your company’s brand guidelines. 

Automate manual tasks 

By automating manual tasks, you can speed up your approval workflows. Most document approval systems offer features that allow you to automate tasks like file sharing, versioning, or sending reminders to reviewers.

Common use cases of document approval software

A document approval system can be used to upgrade a wide array of everyday company procedures. These include everything from the approval of a new blog post on the website to large-scale company rebranding efforts.

When you create new pieces of project documentation, it’s key that you manage them carefully. This is where implementing processes like a document approval system is essential.

Below, we’ve outlined three examples highlighting how a document approval process can be used in marketing teams:

Approval of a presentation 

Sometimes you just need to check something with your colleagues in order to finish the presentation for the next team meeting. Even though this is a small task that requires a quick read-over, by taking it through your established document approval process, you can ensure that the feedback you receive for this presentation is quickly returned to you and that it’s constructive and easy to apply. 

Approval of a testimonial 

Testimonials are a great way to confirm your expertise by showcasing the feedback of existing customers. But before you can publish your new story on your website or blog, it needs to be approved by your customer success manager and/or the customer him or herself. 

With document approval software, you can easily share the text and receive the final approval quickly and effortlessly. This will help keep you organized and on top of your projects. 

Approval of new website texts

Whether it’s a completely new website section or just an updated section by taking this text through your document approval system, you ensure that it’s mistake-free and adheres to your company’s brand guidelines and established the tone of voice. 

How do you approve documents? – Document approval workflow in 7 steps

Now, it’s time to take a look at what this process looks like. By using the above example of a testimonial, we will take you through a typical digital document review and approval process.

1. Create a new project. 

When you need to get approval for a new testimonial story, the first thing to do is to outline all of the required review steps. For example, the document may need approval from some members of your internal marketing team, your customer success manager, and the customer.

Create Project Document Review and Approval Process

2. Upload the file.

Using your approval platform of choice, the next step is to upload the file in your project folder and invite the involved team members to review the document. In our example, your internal marketing colleagues will be the first group to invite.

Document Review and Approval Process file upload

3. Start the first feedback round. 

After your colleagues have left their feedback on the testimonial text, you can edit the document accordingly and upload it again in the same review step to get approval from your team. 

As a project manager, if you’re looking to improve the way in which you oversee your process, there are a number of different tools and management methods out there to consider. In addition to implementing a document approval system, you could consider agile project management tools. 

Document Review and Approval feedback Process

4. Pass the document through each review step. 

After the testimonial is approved in the first review step, you can pass the document into the next review and approval step and repeat the process. That means you invite the customer success manager to view the testimonial and provide their feedback and/or instantly approve it if no further changes are necessary.

Document Review and Approval Process

5. Receive the final approval. 

For the final step, you pass the internally-approved testimonial into the last review step, which involves inviting the customer to grant their final approval. After your customer is also happy with the testimonial story, you can go ahead and publish it.

Document final approval

Get started with document approval 

By implementing an efficient step-by-step document approval workflow into their business, project managers can significantly bolster their team’s collaborative working efforts. 

An intuitive and dependable piece of document approval software ensures more speed, efficiency, organization, and clarity while bringing a more nuanced level of management to the entire operation. This tool presents an ideal solution for all the challenges that come with attempting to conduct collaborative work remotely.

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