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marketing campaign

All You Need to Know to Create a Successful Marketing Campaign

In the day and age of the internet, visibility is crucial to a company's success. It is no secret that ...
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marketing request form filestage (1)

How to Create a Simple and Useful Marketing Request Form

A recent (but rather alarming) study from Atlassian found that just 60% of work is spent being productive. What makes ...
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A Simple-to-Use Project Communication Plan for Teams

Which factor do you believe is the most critical to the success of your project? Perhaps you think it’s the ...
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stakeholder management advice

The Ultimate Guide to Stakeholder Management for Your Marketing Projects

Any experienced marketer knows that without a clear vision and harmonious communication, complex marketing projects are doomed to fail. If ...
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Client Feedback Form

How to Use a Client Feedback Form to Get Better Feedback (Including a Template)

If you’re working at an agency, keeping your clients happy is the foundation for success. But to ensure that, you’ll ...
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Client Onboarding Checklist

Easy-to-Use Client Onboarding Checklist to Welcome New Clients

The client onboarding process is the perfect opportunity to leave a positive first impression. The process is filled with promise, ...
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project change request

How to Handle Project Change Requests Effectively (incl. 10 Templates)

Revisions and changes are inevitable parts of the creative process. As a marketing project manager, it’s your job to collect ...
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Project Timeline

How to Create an Effective Project Timeline (Incl. 5 Templates)

Project timelines are essential to ensuring that your project is transparent and well-planned. At the end of the day, this ...
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sign off sheet

The Ultimate Guide to Project Sign Off Sheets (incl. 7 Templates)

Within any creative process, there may be no definitive end to the new ideas that seem to pop up along ...
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business case template

This Business Case Template Takes Your Projects to the Next Level

Almost every organization operates with finite resources and business cases determine the allocation of those resources. Therefore, Business Case Development ...
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