Free eBook: How to Survive in The Agency Jungle

Working in the advertising business can be tough. Setting up pitches, calming down stressed clients, managing your review schedule…The list seems endless. But even though there are many obstacles blocking your workflow, there’s nothing to worry about if you’re well-prepared.

Download Your Free Agency Survival Guide

Our free eBook “How to Survive in The Agency Jungle” will help you keep a clear head while working in the agency business. It includes both a guide on how to deal with your clients and a list of useful software tools to improve your workflow and spare you some precious time. Additionally, you can test your skills by using our creative briefs and persona templates for your buyers, which are also available in this eBook.

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What Is This Survival Guide About?

Our free eBook is a great reference tool for everyone who works in the advertising business. Here’s a brief overview of what we’ll show you:

  • How to create successful advertising pitches
  • What a creative brief should contain
  • How to properly use buyer personas
  • How to avoid painful client feedback
  • What to do in stressful client situations
  • How to handle your client relationships
  • Which tools can ease your work schedule

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