6 Freshbooks Alternatives: Best Invoicing Software for Freelancers and Agencies 2020

Running an agency or being a freelancer is no walk in the park. Juggling multiple projects at a time and meeting up to deadlines is only part of the job. You have to keep a close eye on your finances to make sure you don’t run into any financial trouble before the next payment is due. Handling financial tasks completely on your own might not really be a great idea because it would prove very time wasting and you may not get the desired result. Even more, you might end up making serious mistakes. To prevent this from happening, you should use some sort of invoicing software.

Using an invoicing software is going to make your life easier and more organized. Most available invoicing apps are easy to use and come with amazing features.

It’s likely going to be difficult for you to choose a good invoicing software that will suit your needs because there are so many of them. That said, settling for just any invoicing software is not a good strategy. It’s best you use finance software that is tailored to your needs.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the best invoicing software available for agencies and freelancers.

What is Freshbooks?


Freshbooks Screenshot

(Image Source: Freshbooks)

FreshBooks is a big-time billing and invoicing giant that was founded in 2004. It’s presently serving more than 500k+ users in 120 countries.

Fresh books offer a thirty days free trial period. If you like their invoicing and billing system, there are 3 pricing plans available for you to choose from. Premium ($50 per month), Plus ($25 per month) and Lite ($15 per month)


  • It’s web hosted, so no installation is required.
  • You can accept credit card payment with it. (Transaction fees apply)
  • It offers you the ability to refund client payments in the event of a mistake or dispute.
  • It supports cheque and cash payments in multiple currencies.
  • The system allows you to request reviews from clients after completing a project. This should help with your referral program.
  • FreshBooks has a time tracking feature that can help you become more organized.
  • It also has an excellent customer support system.


  • It’s not completely free.
  • It offers very few integration options.

Best Invoicing Software 2018


Wave Screenshot(Image Source: Wave)

This system is designed for freelancers, agencies and small businesses with less than ten employees. Wave is a high-rated accounting software because It’s easy to use and cloud-based. It’s also compatible with Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Since It’s web-hosted, you don’t need to download anything to use it.

The app is free and comes with important tools that you will need to keep your finances organized.


  • It’s free.
  • It has an android and iOS app. This makes creating an invoice pretty easy.
  • It creates a window for you to receive credit card payments (this implies a fee)
  • It’s easy to use.
  • Its features include auto billing, cash flow insights, invoice scheduling and many more.
  • You can program it to send payment reminders to the client’s mailbox when payment is due.


  • According to web reviews, Customer support doesn’t respond quickly.
  • Most Wave users complaints are connected to the program being unreliable.
  • Common issues reported include glitches and bugs that make things complicated for users.


Zoho Invoice Screenshot

(Image Source: Zoho)

This is a cloud-based software that is designed solely for invoicing. It’s perfect for agencies, small business owners and freelancers who need a tool to track their finances.

Zoho has four pricing plans you can choose from.

  • Professional ($20 per month, unlimited use)
  • Standard ($15 per month, you can invoice up to 500 clients)
  • Basic ($7 per month, you can invoice up to 50 clients)
  • Free (invoice up only 25 clients)

The free plan has several good features, some of the most interesting being customizable templates, expense tracking.


  • It has a free plan that is perfect for agencies, freelancers or business owners with less than 25 clients.
  • It creates a window for you to manage receipts through your mobile phone.
  • You can integrate it with Stripe, PayPal and many more.
  • You get a couple of customizable invoice templates.
  • It’s easy to use.


  • The free plan is somewhat limiting you. You will likely need to upgrade your plan as your business grows.
  • Lack of multiple integration options is the biggest drawback of the Zoho platform.

Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja Screenshot(Image Source: Zoho)

The mission of this system is to make the invoicing process quicker and easier so that you don’t clench your teeth each time you receive a payment. Since it’s a cloud-hosted system, you can access it anywhere. Invoice Ninja is made to suit the need of freelancers, small businesses, and online entrepreneurs.

You don’t have to pay a dime to use Invoice Ninja, it’s free. Its basic plan allows you to create unlimited invoices, accept online payments and add auto billing.

Invoice Ninja has two affordable plans that have interesting features. The Enterprise plan ($12per month) and the Pro plan ($12 per month)


  • It’s free
  • With invoice Ninja, you can accept payment and invoice in different currencies.
  • It can be connected to more than five hundred apps (Gmail, Slack, MailChimp to name some)
  • It has an iPhone app, you can use to track payment. The Android app is still in the works.
  • You can host the platform on your server.
  • It has a time tracking function that can improve your productivity and help you track the time you spend working.
  • It offers you the chance to receive payments through Skrill, Wordplay, Str, p and others.
  • It’s easy to use. You don’t need experience or special skills to use it.
  • You get alerted when a client pays your invoice or views it.


  • It’s a new platform.
  • Insufficient notification methods


simplybill screenshot

(Image Source: Simplybill)

Simplybill has secured a good spot for itself in the invoicing industry. Its simplicity is what makes it stand out. Texts on the site are written boldly and arranged into sections. If you are new to invoicing, you should give this tool a try.

Simplybill offers two paid plans you can choose from.

$5 per month—(25 invoices per month)

$25 per month—(unlimited invoices)


  • It’s easy to use. (You can create an invoice within minutes)
  • It has 37 unique template designs you can choose from


  • It can only be used to create invoices. (It doesn’t have any side functions like time tracking)
  • It’s made solely for one person. (it doesn’t have room for additional users)

The Invoice Machine

The Invoice Machine Screenshot

(Image Source: The Invoice Machine)

This is an impressive invoicing company that can cater to the needs of agencies, small businesses and freelancers. As the name implies, the invoice machine works like an efficient machine. You can effortlessly use it to create and send invoices to your clients. It has a simple and clean interface you can work with.

The invoice machine has a free plan which allows you to send only 3 invoices a month. It also has two paid plans.

$12 per month (for 2 users and 30 invoices)

$48 per month (for unlimited users and invoices)


  • You can export your invoices, estimate, clients and other information.
  • It’s easy to use.


  • You can only use it to create invoices. (It has no additional features)
  • Its reports and insights are too simple. There are no stats or records.


Paymo Screenshot

(Image Source: Paymo)

Paymo is a good invoicing tool that has a lot of features. It has a time tracker, Gantt chart and other cool insights.

Paymo has a 15-day trial period. If you like what you see during this period, then you should consider purchasing their paid plans.

$8.95 per month

$9.56 per month—(unlimited invoicing)

$15.16 per month—(unlimited invoicing and Gantt charts)


  • It has cool side features


  • It’s not a free invoicing tool (Its free trial period last for only 15 days)


Avaza ScreenshotAvaza’s cloud-based invoicing solution is trusted by over 25,000 companies across the globe.
With Avaza, you can customize your invoices using templates, manage tax rates, track payments & credit notes, bill for timesheets & expenses, and link invoice line items to projects for accurate financial reporting of projects.
Avaza also offers a recurring invoice feature, which is useful for automated invoicing. Integrations with popular accounting platforms such as QuickBooks Online and Xero are also supported out of the box.
Avaza’s free plan allows up to 5 invoices per month. Their paid plans start at 9.95 USD per month with the Business plan as the highest tier which also offers unlimited invoicing ($39.95 per month).
  • It allows you to track and invoice unbilled timesheets, expenses, and fixed price components with the click of a button
  • It offers recurring invoices
  • It supports multiple currencies
  • The Free plan only allows for 5 invoices per month
  • It does not offer automatic invoice reminders for now


There are loads of invoicing tools on the on the market you can choose from. The key takeaway is that the ones listed in this article are the best of the best. Presently, thousands of agencies, small business and top notch freelancers around the world are using these tools.

The major reason why they choose to use these tools over others is that they are easy to use and are super effective. So, if you are new to freelancing or you run a business looking for an impressive invoicing tool, you should consider trying out any of the tools listed in this article.

The simple fact that so many already use them is reason enough why you should too! This means they have enough resources to fix potential bugs, bring in improvements and offer timely support

Choosing the best invoicing software is likely going to be difficult for you because they all have their advantages and disadvantages. The good thing about the ones reviewed in this article is that you can experiment or use all of them without paying a dime.

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