Filestage awarded G2’s “Leader” badge for Fall 2022

G2 Announcement

Filestage is proud to announce that we’ve been awarded G2’s “Leader” badges – both for Europe and worldwide!

On top of that, we also picked up the “High Performer” and “Highest User Adoption” awards for the video category.

G2 is the world’s largest and most trusted tech marketplace

If you’re new to G2, let me introduce you.

G2 is the world’s largest and most trusted tech marketplace where people can discover, review, and manage the software they need to reach their potential.

That’s why these badges mean so much – it’s all thanks to the real, honest (and wonderfully positive) reviews from our amazing customers!

Let’s look at what a few of our users had to say…

Teams love how easy it is to review content and collaborate in Filestage

Content Marketing Specialist, Natalia Z, says: “It has made getting documents, both short and long, so much easier in getting reviewed and approved.

“Before, feedback rounds were quite chaotic trying to gather all the different changes and requests that were sent via email or message or comment.”

“Now, I can send one link to everyone involved and they can specify what they want to be modified, see others’ feedback, and respond to questions. So, now I have all I need in one place.”

It also makes life easier for remote and distributed teams

Head of Marketing, Dan Q, says: “Before Filestage, I would give feedback with some combination of Slack, Asana, Email, Google Docs comments, or getting on a Zoom/Slack call.”

“What a headache for a designer and very inefficient way to log feedback and manage changes. Now, my designer (who is across the world and works opposite time zone) uploads creative, I drop feedback, and it reduces the amount of revisions significantly.”

Filestage is also one of Capterra’s top choices for advertising agency software

Capterra, another software review site, has also been singing Filestage’s praises in recent weeks!

In their latest Capterra Shortlist, Filestage was named an emerging favorite in the advertising agency software category.

Here’s what a few of our agency users say about Filestage:

  • “The most helpful thing about Filestage is easily and safely sharing videos and photos with clients for review.” – Madeline R, Account Manager
  • “Makes my clients’ life soooo much easier.” – Tim R, Managing Director
  • “Filestage made our internal and client creative review process so much smoother.” – Juexin W, Creative Manager

Final thoughts

From the very beginning, Filestage was created to make feedback and approval easier and faster for our users.

Every single review from our customers is a little moment of joy, and winning these badges and accolades inspires us to make our product even better!

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