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State of the art marketing demands expertise in a lot of field. Creative designs and buying advertising space alone aren’t enough in nowadays diverse media landscape. With Swiss precision, the agency Enigma has collocated a team of strategists, designers, branding specialists, and business model experts to face the age of digital marketing. We talked to Timothée Mägli, media producer with focus on video production at Enigma about baby food.

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Never Neglect Creative Freedom!

For the team at Enigma, there are no ordinary projects. Every customer and situation are different, so they have to be treated with exclusivity. “This is why we develop tailor-made strategies,” says Timothée.

Before he became part of the team, Timothée worked as a freelance photographer, filmer, and designer. At Enigma, he can put his versatile talent and experience in client communication to good use.

During his time in creative business, Timothée learned one thing: “Creativity needs space. In an environment full of deadlines and budgets, it sometimes suffocates. That’s when you consciously have to take a step back. Otherwise, the final outcome will be uninspired. Or to put it in the words of Scott Adams: ‘Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.’”

At Enigma, this idea is put into practice. It’s not about just realizing what a client wants. Rather, the team aspires to achieve a higher goal. “With a holistic approach, we want to bring success to our customers. They tell us their goals, and we develop the optimal strategy for achieving it,” explains Timothée.

But how does the Enigma approach work exactly?

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And The Secret Formula Is…

Timothée shared his secret recipe for successful projects with us. “At Enigma, we have a credo of 5 rules,” he says. These rules are as follows:

  1. Always remember to be human.
  2. Ambitions are not strategies.
  3. Data beats opinions.
  4. If it can be automated, it will be.
  5. The user is always right.

“For true success in this modern day and age, Rule #2 is especially important. Data beats opinion. This strategy mustn’t be based on sentiments and gut instincts. Back it up with facts!” For this very purpose, Enigma has their own “lab,”where they analyze market trends and consumer behaviors.

“For one of our clients, we created a series of videos about the preparation of infant food,” explains Timothée. His team created 5 videos, each in 2 languages.

“We had to collect and implement feedback from 3 stakeholders for each video, and it became a mess,” remembers Timothée. “After the first two videos and a myriad of feedback loops, I was done with it. It was just too much. So we looked for a tool to make this entire process easier…”

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A Quality Tool for Quality Content

At Filestage, they found a tool that entirely meets their expectations. But what did it do for them?

Firstly, Filestage offers a hub for all your feedback and reviews. Filestage’s project overview contains all your active projects. Every single project contains all the versions, all the feedback, and all the comments.“We used to get so many different forms of feedback: via phone, PowerPoint presentations with screenshots, or just plain text. It was hard to keep track of everything that was coming in. Filestage unifies that,” explains Timothée.

Secondly, Filestage offers an intuitive way of providing feedback. “Reviewers can click directly onto the image or video, and leave a comment. It’s easy, and everyone understands it,” says Timothée.

So with Filestage, the quality of the feedback improved, by becoming clearly structured. “You keep the overview of ongoing projects, both as a client and as a producer.” Timothée now saves up to 5 hours per week, which he can use for his biggest priority: giving his creativity the space it needs.

In this way, Filestage helped Timothée’s team boost their productivity while making their video project about infant food. “For the last 3 videos, we’ve been using Filestage. And we’re almost twice as efficient!”

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