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The 30+ Best Graphic Design Tools

In this guide, we’ll explore the very best graphic design tools out there. Let us help you decide which will help you and your team of graphic designers – of all levels – work more effectively.

Whether  you are a freelancer, starting from scratch, or a full graphic design agency, looking to upgrade, this guide will help you to make the best decision possible. 

What are Graphic Design Tools (and What Types are Available)?

Graphic design tools come in all shapes and forms. Sorting  through them all and understanding the features of each can be perplexing. However, discovering the right  features can have a profound effect on your business, and will help you to create more efficient, productive, creative, and innovative teams.

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools enhance communication between graphic designers and their project managers, creative managers, and clients. This makes projects  more streamlined, allowing for quicker, and more effective, productive collaboration.

Creative Tools

Modern graphic design demands more than just talent or skill; it requires sophisticated and powerful graphic design tools that can build truly compelling visuals for modern-day applications.


Resources allow graphic designers to optimize their work and improve their design quality.  They offer easy access to an abundance of templates, PSD files, graphics, images, and videos – all of which are accessible at the click of a button.

Sharing Tools

Graphic designers spend a lot of their time distributing large files to various  people. This requires a powerful sharing tool that can handle large multi-format files with ease. A really good sharing tool means much less  wasted time waiting for files to upload.

Repositories and Digital Asset Management

Imagine having one unique place for all your software, digital assets, and integration needs. Repositories and digital asset management software give you, and everyone who is working on your project, access to a single platform, where you can find and share all the information you need, and the tools to manage it. Keeping it organized drives efficiency and productivity, and improves communication.

Mockup and Prototyping Tools

These nifty concept tools allow graphic designers to visualize and test their designs or software, before sending them out for approval. They’re great for showcasing projects to members of a team or clients.

Best Graphic Design Tools

Below you’ll  find a comprehensive overview of all the best graphic design programs and tools available on the market, right now. We’ve sorted them  into the types of graphic design tool that we listed and explained in the section above.

Graphic Design Collaboration Tools

Design collaboration tools were created  to help designers and their teams work together more effectively, by streamlining communication, sharing, editing, and approval processes of design work.

Filestage – Easy Review & Proofreading 

Filestage makes  the reviewing and proofreading of content easy and quick. It’s simple and user-friendly interface ensures  efficient collaboration between your designers, marketing team, and clients.

One of this tool’s top features is that it allows unlimited reviewers. That means that no matter how big your collaboration is, you can always add anyone you choose to the reviewing process, with just the click of a button. Access controls enable you to set different permissions for different users, keeping files and information secure. Your team can easily add annotations, access different versions, and approval can be handled with just one-click.  

Concept Inbox – Visual Collaboration for Graphic Designers

box secure content management file sharing

Concept Box is a cloud-based content management platform that allows users to collaborate securely with team members and partners. Concept Box is focused on supporting those in industries, with heavy compliance that offers  unrivaled security in the form of advanced security controls, encryption key management, and information governance.

Some key features  of Concept Box include its seamless integration with your favorite apps, including Zoom, G Suite, and Slack. This not only keeps your team centralized but also always connected. The platform works on all devices, so your team has easy access and usability from anywhere in the world.

Conceptboard – Simple Real Time Sharing

Conceptboard helps improve the efficiency and productivity of your design teams, by offering a shared and easy-to-use platform for all your project collaboration. It’s user-friendly  interface ensures effective communication, across team members, and from all devices anywhere in the world. 

Conceptboard’s design mimics a shared office space in real time. This allows your team to work together – no matter where in the world they are. Another key feature for graphic designers is Conceptboard’s enhanced approval process, which accelerates your briefings and reviews and speeds up approval times, letting you get your content to clients faster.

GoVisually – Fast  Sharing with Unlimited Reviewers

govisually creative filesharing work approval

GoVisually helps graphic designers deliver their work, without the hassle of email. So many problems occur in the design world, simply because of missed or misread emails between team members. GoVisually centralizes all communication and keeps all content statuses up to date, so everyone stays on the same page.

Some of GoVisually’s key features  include the ability to add an unlimited number of reviewers, and the ability to track the progress of each design effortlessly. The capacity to share and collaborate quickly makes design approvals more efficient and cost-effective.

InVision – Fast Revisions

invision digital product design platform

InVision is all about an enhanced user experience that helps design products flow quickly and seamlessly through the graphic design process. By connecting your entire design workflow, all the members of your team are always on top of their tasks and approval can be gained faster. 

InVision’s unique features, for graphic designers, include interactive prototyping, which can really nail the finer details before submission. Gathering feedback from team members is simple and all within the profile of each design piece. This facilitates  faster revisions and an enhanced approval process. The tool’s built-in digital whiteboard enables designers to freehand on designs, including sketching, drawing, and wireframe – all in real time .

Notism – Give Real Time Presentations of Your Work

notism graphic design approval

Noitism enhances your team’s collaboration of design and video work, with a seamless user interface  experience. Various forms of communication are permitted inside the software, including notes and sketches that can be completed in real time, together with other users.

Live notifications and a solid task manager mean  your team stays on track and on top of their work, enabling a more productive working environment. Notism’s web  and mobile prototyping allows designers to see their work in action before finalization or submission. Once happy, projects can be presented to key stakeholders, in real time, via the useful built-in presentation feature.   

Red Pen – Quick Project Building and Sharing

red pen graphic design feedback

Red Pen claims to be one of the fastest feedback tools available to graphic designers. They achieve this  with an innovative point and click feature that allows users to click on almost any part of a design and comment. These comments can be seen in real time and designers can edit as they go through the review.

Red Pen is also great at organizing projects, with a drag and drop feature that allows you to quickly build a project and share it with your key stakeholders. This feature also keeps track of all versions of your designs, allowing those with access to pull up old versions with ease.

Zeplin – Enhanced Exporting and Integrations

zeplin graphic design styleguide collaboration

Zeplin is a centralized platform for designers, which lets them move their work from creation to approval with simplicity. It focuses specifically on improving collaboration between graphic designers and engineers, by focusing on quality resources. Clients include Airbnb, Slack, Mailchimp, and Dropbox.

Large collections of designs can be exported in the click of a button and Zeplin offers  seamless integration with applications, such as Adobe XD, Sketch, and Figma. Designers will also benefit from its resource generation feature, which gives you all specs, assets, and code snippets you require for the platform you’re designing, whether it’s for the web, iOS or Android.  

Binfire – Simple and Effective Workflows

binfire team work management platform

Binfire is great for any design team that wants to grow in a structured and productive manner. This all-in-one collaboration tool makes planning, tracking, reviewing, and approval simple. The focus here is on creating, approving and moving the design to the market, in the easiest and most controlled manner possible.

Binfire’s innovative workflow management features allow for clear and concise communication between all members of the team at all times. The Burndown chart is a great way to visualize the progress of a design, sletting you see  which tasks have been knocked and which are left to be closed out, and when. 

Graphic Design Creation Tools

Graphic design has reached new levels and now, more than ever, designers need powerful design tools that can keep up with the advancements in digital graphic design and which allow  them to stay current and innovative. 

Visme – Create Beautiful Infographics

visme visual stories engaging presentation infographics

Visme is a powerful tool for designers who are looking to create visually stunning and professional infographics and presentations. This graphic design software comes with thousands of wonderful templates to choose from, or you can use content blocks to build your own.

Your presentations and infographics can easily be made into interactive designs that feature important information, such as charts, maps, video, and audio. This will  make your designs highly engaging and unique. Once complete, content is simple to download and share with other team members, using any device, from anywhere in the world. 

Venngage – Simple Branded Templates

venngage professional branded infographics

Venngage helps designers create professional and engaging infographics with ease. It takes  the stress and hassle out of infographic design by using simple user interface functionality; making Venngage an innovative approach to infographic design.

Venngage makes it easy to create branded templates that keep your company’s branding consistent throughout your materials. A nice feature of Venngage is the super-responsive support team that you can speak to, in seconds, at any time of the day. They’ll help you with any questions you might have about features, and can even suggest edits.

Canva – Simple Graphic Design Software for Anyone

canva free online graphic design templates

Canva is one of the most popular graphic design apps out there. It has made creating infographics simple not just for  designers but also for regular people, who lack the creative skills to do so. Canva uses an incredibly simple design platform with drag and drop features, and a huge library of templates and resources, to assist you. 

Canva is incredibly user-friendly and makes beautiful design easy, even for those with no design experience. There is no need for any integration with professional design suites or applications. Everything can be done inside the app, whether you’re on your laptop or your mobile phone. 

Lucidpress – Quick Design and Publishing

lucidpress brand templates branded content

Lucidpress makes design and brand control simple, by offering a powerful design tool that’s full of resources, templates, and useful features. The customizable templates are very  useful for ensuring your designs look perfect, without any irritating issues, such as stretched logos or missing text.

Other useful features include team templates that help the team to stay consistent with branding over various media platforms. Each team member can get access to specific templates, for each platform, with the click of the button. This can help significantly in building a stronger brand presence.

Adobe InDesign – Superior Graphics and Typography

adobe indesign publishing and typesetting

Probably the most famous and often-used graphic design software on the planet, Adobe InDesign offers professionals an unrivaled design experience. This industry-leading graphic design software is a must for all designers.

Key features in Adobe InDesign include its superior layouts. You can also create beautiful graphics and typography, using the massive Adobe Stock feature, which is brimming with essential designer resources. Whether you’re designing infographics, adverts, products, photos, digital magazines or even eBooks,  Adobe InDesign helps you create them beautifully.

Adobe Photoshop – The Best Photo Editing Software

adobe photoshop graphic design image manipulation

This is another big-hitting piece of graphic design software from the geniuses at Adobe. Photoshop is world-famous for its effortless ability to edit imaging and graphic design. It is a powerful design tool that can be used just as effectively on your iPad as on your laptop or desktop computer. 

Photoshop makes editing photography and design work simple, using cutting-edge features that you won’t find on any other graphic design software. A GPU algorithm helps improve lens blur and enhances content-aware fill. Last, but not least, Photoshop’s smooth navigation makes it a superior and powerful design tool.

Adobe Illustrator – Perfect for Complex Designs

adobe illustrator creative illustration software

Adobe Illustrator is another powerful design tool that is brought to you by Adobe. Illustrator has positioned itself as the industry-leader for vector graphic software, by uplifting designers in both mobile and web design.

Enhanced scaling tools allow designers to create innovative and tricky designs, for anything from product packaging to billboards. Beautiful typography with effects, style management, and editing of individual characters also lets designers create the most beautiful flyers and logos in the industry. Illustrator is easy to use and will  soon be compatible with your iPad.

CorelDraw – Easy Vector Editing 

coreldraw professional graphic design software

CorelDraw is a unique and powerful design tool that is heavily-focused on vector illustration, layout, photo editing, and design tools. CorelDraw gives you full control of your design and even comes with a nifty feature that allows you to take your work on the go with the

The capacity to combine design tools within the software means design teams are more efficient and can get their designs approved and to their clients faster. CorelDraw’s editing functionality makes applying effects to vector and bitmap objects simple and concise. It also has tons of guides, tutorials, videos, and information that will help you to learn quickly.

GIMP – A Powerful Graphic Design Editor That’s Free

GIMP is a powerful cross-platform image editor that is 100% free for designers to download and use. GIMP offers enhanced, high-quality photo manipulation and original artwork creation capabilities as standard. 

Those creating logos or icons will love the graphic design elements, with tons of resources that are easy to find and quick to implement into any design. GIMP’s superior color management is made possible by its integrations with other powerful design tools, including Scribus and Inkscape. GIMP also lets designers scale up their designs with ease, allowing for a high level of customization and design work.  

Inkscape – Flexible Drawing Tools

inkscape vector graphic editor

Inkscape is a professional, open-source, vector graphics editor that can be used as easily by a beginner as a professional designer,  to create wonderful artwork. Inkscape is user-friendly and simple to learn, with helpful guides and tutorials built in to the software.

Some key features of Inkscape include flexible drawing tools for creative design, a broad file format capability, powerful text tools, and innovative object manipulation tools. All designs can be professionally exported in web-friendly formats, and run seamlessly between all platforms, such as Windows, iOS X, and Linux.

Adobe Spark – Easy Graphics in Minutes

Adobe SPark

Adobe Spark Post provides professional photo editing outcomes without a big investment in professional photo editing software. It’s a free online and mobile design app with a powerful, easy-to-use, picture editor. Scale, rotate, tilt, resize, and flip photos. Apply filters, text, or adjust contrast, brightness, saturation, warmth, or sharpness—all with a few taps.

The app is easy to use and it offers a range of templates and layouts that you can use to create your own designs quickly. They’ve also added a dozen new animations under Spark Post‘s effects on mobile.

Graphic Design Resources

Graphic designers are in constant need of quality resources, to get the job done. It’s important to choose a resource tool that offers you quality files, lots of choice, reputable licensing, and quick download capability.

Flaticon – The Most Beautiful Icons

flaticon free vector icon downloads

Flaticon is an awesome icon download website that holds millions of high-res icons ready for use. You can download  thousands of these icons for free, but if you decide to go premium, you can gain access to another 2.5 million extra icons; no attribution is required, downloads are unlimited and there are no adverts.

Flaticon’s main appeal is its large library of beautiful icons. This will be the most important factor for many designers and their teams. Flaticon is also much simpler to use than other resource websites, there are no tricky methods to follow for your downloads. Instead, there is just a one-click and download function that makes life easy. 

Pexels – Stunning Photography That’s Free

pexels free stock photos and videos

Pexels is a fantastic resource for beautiful and royalty-free photographs. Designers that need to find great photographs quickly can take advantage of this database and the vast majority of their photographs are completely free to download.

Unlike other photography resource tools, Pexels has a very quick download tool. Click to expand, click to download, and the photo is on your hard drive in seconds, ready to be used. No  attribution is required (but is encouraged), and you’re able to modify the photos in any way you like for your own project.  

Unsplash – More Stunning Photography That’s Free

unsplash free high resolution images

Unsplash is another great  resource tool for unique and stunning photography. Their database is slightly smaller than some other sites, but the photos are superior in quality. The search function is incredibly useful –  you can enter random keywords and find photos that match what you are looking for.

Unsplash has a one-click download function, which makes it easy for designers who need photos quickly, to be used in their projects. No matter how many photos you download, the system won’t start asking you to go through any enhanced security features, as other resource tools do. This can be really handy if you’re in a rush.

Coolors – Simple and Beautiful Color Palettes

coolers color scheme palette generator

Coolors is an ingenious way to generate color schemes in just a few seconds. You simply hit your spacebar and it gives you wonderful color palettes that work together every time. You can even match colors from photographs you have uploaded, yourself, to help you build consistent color schemes on your design or websites.

Once you’ve  found the perfect color scheme, then you can start to edit the colors to the exact tones you need for your project. . Your new palette can then be exported and shared among other designers or your clients. Color schemes can also be arranged into collections and stored on a web-based cloud, for later use.   

FontSquirrel – Gorgeous Fonts Ready to Download

font squirrel free commercial fonts

FontSquirrel is one of the best online resource tools for high-quality fonts that are free and are licensed for commercial use. Font Squirrel doesn’t boast the highest  number of fonts compared to its rivals but they’re certainly the best quality available.

The website is simple to use with an advanced search tool, ultra-quick download function, and the fonts are quick to install. The best feature on FontSquirrel is its  font identifier feature. Simply upload an image of a font you already have, and want to replicate, and FontSquirrel will find the closest match possible. 

Skillshare (Tutorials) – Higher Learning for Creatives

skillshare online skill development courses

Skillshare is an innovative e-learning platform that aims to educate the public about creative skills, such as design, videography, drawing, editing, and so on. It is packed full of tutorials that can help anyone learn key design skills, which can be transferred to their jobs or personal projects.

Graphic designers can use Skillshare to learn new creative methods or just to brush up on their existing design skills. Tutorials include typography classes, logotype masterclasses, poster design, productivity techniques, and so much more. If you’re a designer, looking to up your game, Skillshare provides the opportunity to do just that. 

Noun Project – Unique and Interesting Icons

noun project free icon downloads

Noun Project has over 2 million royalty-free icons ready for designers to download and use in their own projects. Noun Project is passionate about icons and symbols and, with the help of thousands of graphic designers, they have created a unique and useful database. Icons range from silly to beautiful.

Some interesting features of NounProject include its pre-pay system. Load your account with money and then use that money to download icons whenever you need. It’s seamless integration with Google suite means designers can insert icons into their documents quickly and easily. The highlight of the Noun Project is its diversity – , it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. 

Behance – Build Beautiful Online Portfolios with Ease

behance graphic design portfolios

Behance offers graphic designers the chance to build beautiful multimedia portfolios, to be shared with clients and/or prospective employers. The portfolios can be presented within the Behance network and/or  through their partner sites. 

Behance is powered by Adobe, so using it  is simple, but effective. Designers will enjoy the ability to follow each other, get inspiration from each other’s work and even use it to find business contacts or prospective designers for your team. There are competitions for designers to enter online and they can also benefit from live webinars.  

Dribbble – A Community of the World’s Best Graphic Designers

dribbble professional designers creative showcase

Dribble is a web-based platform, where designers can  showcase their work, connect with each other, and even hire each other. The quality of content on Dribble is superb, and many fantastic designers, from all over the world, are already  part of the community.

Graphic designers can make the most of Dribble’s  job board, which lets them win new projects by showcasing their online portfolio, built using Dribble. It’s also useful for finding  new designers, to work with on your own projects. Going pro on Dribble will allow you to enhance your portfolio, join a very active design community, take advantage of a large resource database, and even sell your work. 

Vexels – Huge Database of Designs

vexels high quality vector and logo templates

Vexels is an all-in-one vector and graphic resource. What makes Vexels special is its huge number of “merch ready” designs that can be used on t-shirts, mugs, coasters, and so on. It has a wide database of multi-format files that are quick to find and easy to download.

Most of the designs on Vexels are free; you just need a subscription and to ensure  that you give credit to the original author/designer. There is a bigger database available for those who decide to take out a paid subscription. 

Graphic Design Sharing Tools

One of the most difficult aspects of graphic design can be sharing your content. Multiple large files can be difficult to share and you are dependent on fast and reliable internet connections for them to be received safely. Here are some tools that can help to share your work quickly, so that it can be reviewed and approved.  

Filestage – Quick, Simple and Hassle-Free Content Sharing

filestage team content review software

Filestage is a simple and intuitive review, collaboration, and sharing tool. Filestage eliminates the need to ever share your content via email or content delivery services. You can store all your work in one place, set up teams, assign access controls, and collaborate on content with ease. 

You can share files and review links with team members internally or externally. Simple mention tags help to bring people to the discussion more quickly and unique download controls let you choose who can download your content and when. Filestage makes the sharing of your content simple and effective. 

Prevue – Easy to Create Professional Presentations 

prevue design presentation hr management software

Prevue is an excellent tool for designing stunning presentations that win work. All presentations can be created, edited, and presented right inside the software. The software works on multiple devices, allowing you to present your ideas anywhere, on any device.

A key feature of Prevue is the quick drag and drop editor that allows designers to build presentations quickly. These can then be organized into different categories, should you be working on multiple presentations in oneteam. Sharing is made really easy without the need for email or PDFs; everything can be shared instantly with team members or clients, from within the software. 

WeTransfer – Simple but Powerful File Sharing

wepresent wireless content presentation solution

WeTransfer is one of the oldest and most well-known file-sharing platforms on the planet. It’s  a no-fuss solution for sending large or multiple files that cannot be sent via email. Simply go to the website, drag your files to the upload area, add the destination email and your own email address with a little message and press send. Your recipient will get an email in a few minutes with a unique download link to your files.

There is no need to sign up or register to WeTransfer and it is completely free. It is extremely easy to use, works with iOS and Android devices, and there are no annoying adverts. If you choose to pay for WeTransfer Pro you can send up to 20GB at any one time, store 1TB of files on the cloud, password protect files, and customize your emails.

Droplr – Advanced Screenshot Editing and Sharing Software 

droplr screenhot and screen recording with cloud sharing

Droplr is an innovative screenshot and screen recorder platform that lets you  share screenshots at the touch of a button. Once you have taken the photo or video screenshot you can edit it or mark it up all within the software.

The cloud system on Droplr automatically stores all of your screenshots, which can then be viewed by other members of your team. It’s great for graphic designers who want to send inspiration or ideas to other team members or clients. Integration with top applications, such as Gmail, Google Docs, Adobe Suite, and Slack, is made easy.. 

Frontify – Centralized Content with Analytics

frontify brand consistency cloud based digital asset management cloud software

Frontify is an all-in-one brand management platform that is incredibly useful for graphic designers, who need one place to handle and share all of their content. Creating teams with different access is also made simple, this ensuring enhanced collaboration among your teams. 

A key feature for graphic designers is the ability they will have to document all their content, comments, reviews, and approval centrally. Tracking one particular or set of design works is also easy and the Frontify platform gives you insights into how they’re performing as well.

Graphic Design Repositories and Digital Asset Management

Repositories and digital asset management (DAM) software offer graphic designers the ability to manage the full life-cycle of a piece of content, from the initial concept to approval. To help you do this,DAM software allows for the integration of thousands of your favorite applications and software,including design, storage, sharing, editing, versioning, reviewing, approval, and even publishing. 

GitHub – Superior Content Tracking and Version Control

github software development platform

GitHub is all about bringing teams of designers, developers, marketers, project managers, and clients together in one complete platform. This permits the seamless execution of projects, so that everything that corresponds to a piece of content is easy to find, manage, edit, share, and download.

Graphic designers will enjoy the fact they can track each piece of content. Whereas in the past correspondence or edits may have been lost in a huge number of email chains, now you can see exactly where your content is, who has looked at it, read comments left by team members, make edits within the software, and have version control throughout the process. 

Canto – Powerful Digital Asset Management

canto digital asset management media sharing

Canto is another powerful DAM which lets you centralize all the collaboration on your content. The lifecycle of each piece of content can be tracked, analyzed, and reviewed at any time, and from anywhere in the world. This brings your remote project team closer together, driving efficiency and productivity

Graphic designers can benefit from Canto’s superior organizational features, which make finding data assets simple. Visual previews are great for seeing your content in action, where you can discuss and edit the design in real time with your team members or clients. Canto also integrates seamlessly with Adobe InDesign for great layout work.

Bynder – Enhanced Creative Workflows That Inspire Productivity

bynder cloud based centralized marketing digital asset management

Bynder is an incredibly useful DAM for designers, with its superior creative workflow functionality and simple user-friendly interface. Bynder helps creatives and their teams to work more efficiently and productively,  while maintaining quality content.

Bynder’s standardized requests allow creatives to set clear and concise purposes and briefings for each piece of content. No more confusion about what a project should look like. The creative workflows are configurable, which means that team members can make new requests, using  predefined tasks, that help get things done faster . All work can be easily proofed and approved, all within the system and with version control. – Advanced Multi-Format Storage and Sharing google drive digital file organization uses the power of Google Drive to help designers organize and share their work, like true professionals. Its streamlined workflows and an enhanced search function will  minimize your work time significantly.

Designers will love the ability to store and share any file format quickly, via any platform they desire. makes integration with all your favorite software and apps simple. Graphic designers can also benefit from this complete solution for content management which lets them move through projects seamlessly, in a coordinated and organized manner. 

Wedia – Simple Feedback and Faster Approvals

wedia marketing collaboration resource management

Wedia makes the creation and management of creative projects simple. Everything can be done inside the software, from design to publishing. The built-in analytics are particularly helpful as they let designers track the performance of each piece of content they’ve produced.

Wedia helps you push your content to approval faster, with innovative ways for team members to comment on your work, give feedback and, ultimately, approve it, so the piece can go to market. Designers can then use the analytics to understand what type of content their clients approved the most quickly, helping them to understand their client’s preferences. 

Mockup and Prototyping Tools

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, a prototype is worth a 1000 meetings”

Mockup and prototype software lets designers test and build projects within the software, so that the number of revisions are drastically reduced. Designers can experiment with their designs without compromising previous versions. 

Balsamiq – Present Your Ideas Faster

balsamiq graphic user interface website wireframe builder

Balsamiq offers a quick and easy wireframing tool that allows designers to sketch their user interface ideas. Using this rapid low-fidelity wireframing tool, designers can bring up their designs as if they were on a sketchpad or whiteboard, but on their computer. 

By allowing your team to focus on structure and content, you avoid long discussions about less important elements that can be discussed later in the design process. The appeal here is the speed at which designers can use this software to present their ideas. 

Moqups – Visualize Your Designs and Test Them

moqups wireframe mockup design collaboration

Moqups is an intelligent prototype software tool that allows designers to collaborate in real time, using wireframes, mockups, and diagrams. This makes your design team more efficient and they will communicate better than ever before, which helps to get  your projects to the market quicker.

This is an all-in-one system where you can visualize your concepts, test them, and validate your ideas with your team. It allows seamless movement in your design process, from lo-fi to hi-fi. Using the prototype software, you can simulate the user experience for your clients so that edits can be found and made more quickly. 

Mural – Superior Realtime Prototyping 

mural visual collaboration digital workspace

Mural is all about visual collaboration. By allowing your entire team to see your concepts in real time, designs can be streamlined, allowing your team to get their work approved much faster.

This ‘thinking canvas’ tool is exceptionally useful for designers as it lets them sketch, doodle, and make notes on white space. This is great for discussing design plans and elements with other team members or clients. Mural makes your remote design team and other key stakeholders feel as if  you’re all in the office, discussing your project together.

Marvel – Make Your Mockups Interactive 

marvel design collaboration online

Marvel aims to eliminate static designs, instead focusing on your ability to present interactive designs to your team. This means better collaboration and inspires more ideas. The creation of realistic prototypes is made simple with their prototyping tool, which can take less than 5 minutes to turn your design into a mockup.

The unique ability for designers to pull in sketches, notes, and even designs from Adobe software makes Marvel an essential tool for graphic designers. User testing is also incredibly useful, allowing your target market to view or use your designs before launch. They can then send back unique feedback on your work.

MockFlow – Present Your Designs More Effectively

mockflow user interface wireframe mockup design

MockFlow is an innovative prototyping software that allows designers to sketch interface layouts with ease, using its powerful tools. Designs can be edited within the software using the thousands of components provided by MockFlow.

Designers will find MockFlow useful for playing, previewing, and presenting their designs to team members and key stakeholders. The revision tracker is helpful for keeping on top of the latest edits and comments. MockFlow integrates seamlessly with many of your favorite software and applications including Slack, Trello, Confluence, Google Drive, and Google Docs. 


Choosing the best software for your design team can be difficult. To help you do this, be sure you always evaluate their needs and set up a discussion to find out what tools they feel would be most beneficial.

We hope the tools, listed above, give you a better idea of how you can streamline your graphic design work. We’re sure that implementing  one or more of these tools will help you to create a more efficient, productive, innovative, and successful graphic design team. 

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