4 Ways of Dating You Can Apply to Find the Perfect Agency

If I sit in a café and watch a couple dating on the table next to me it makes me laugh. Why? Because when I see people meeting like this, I have to think of the way companies and agencies get together and it’s quite the same:

Like with dating, there are four ways to find each other. And like with dating you need to find the “right” agency when you are a company. Because when you just find “an” agency you are maybe happy for one or two days but not on the long run. In this article I will illustrate the four methods with which you can find your personal Mrs. or Mr. “Right”, whilst reflecting upon the pros and cons each method entails.

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1. Self Research

Let´s call this first method the “normal” way; you feel the need to find a partner and embrace social situations, going out and making new connections.

This could be in a bar, at a festival- anywhere that holds the promise of finding the “one”. Although such activities can be a fun pastime, success is not guaranteed.

desk with coffee and cookies

Your actions as a company are much the same when blindly searching over google for any agencies within certain geographic boundaries.

The benefit here is that you are the one in control; you have complete knowledge of the ins and outs of your project and what the end result should look like.

The disadvantage lies in the endless possible agencies that can be chosen from and most just….won’t fit. As with regular dating, there is a certain degree of luck involved.

2. Getting Paired, or “Hitched up”

Everyone has been set up on a date before by eager friends who can´t wait to hitch you up with one of their acquaintances.

Many romances have begun this way….but just as many dates arranged by others have ended disastrously. Getting agency recommendations from business partners are an equally “hit and miss” affair.

On one hand, you are provided with extra information regarding the output of this agency; you have the certainty that they have worked reliably in the past and can survey the quality of their work on the basis of a  concrete result.

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That´s more to go by than with the first method! The problem is that this may still not be the best agency for you- it simply performed well for others in the past. What can remain is a lingering feeling of regret- another agency may have done a better job, they just had the misfortune of not being recommended to you!

I am sure you have developed a great routine when it comes to a brief. What’s your feeling? What are the points that every creative brief should contain?

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3. Professional Pitcher

Anyone remember that romantic comedy starring Will Smith and Kevin James, the “Date Doctor”?

Will Smith is tasked with the job of helping his (hapless) clients woo the right lady; much the same happens in the business sphere, with less humorous consequences though. “Professional pitchers” help you work out the perfect pitch whilst applying to agencies and offer guidance once a contract has been agreed upon.

The benefit of this method is that these “pitchers” have valuable “know how”, considering this is what they are paid for; the disadvantage is of course that is in their financial interest for you to sign a contract, whether it be with the best agency for you or not.

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4. Finding the Right Match on an Internet Plattform

In the age of Tinder, seeking love over internet platforms is an increasingly popular endeavour. A veritable treasure-trove of profiles, each with the promise of the right gentleman or lady lurking behind an avatar, awaits; suffering from a “missed connection” because you happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time can be avoided as well.

Specially designed algorithms, sending the perfect match straight to your mobile phone, promise easy successes- this is much the same premise for online business pairings.

co-workers on one table

Companies like Agenturmatching provide an offer specifically tailored to your search requirements, promising an efficient solution to your problem. There are risks as well of course; how can one be sure that the platform is a trustworthy source of information, rather than a simple algorithm spitting out random responses?

Combining real-life recommendations with online-platform suggestions seems like the solution to this problem, using these to help filter through a list of (equally suitable) agencies.

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As you can see, there are four main ways of achieving your goal, each with it´s own set of advantages and drawbacks. Searching for the right agency is quite comparable to dating…apart from the fact that a romantic partner will (hopefully!) cost you less!

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