Learn How This Studio Helped Rimowa Revolutionize Travel

Hamburg is one of the most well-known cities in Germany. The city’s flair seems to magically attract young, talented, and also creative people from near and far. If you are looking for experts in video production, there’s one address to go to: BLYNK – home to all kinds experts and professionals in video production. They unify a competent team of conceptioners, directors, cameramen, 3D artists, designers, and producers all under one roof. We had a talk with Ruben Riegamer, CEO and creative producer at BLYNK, about business, video, and the luggage of the future.

No Coffee, No Success

Ruben Riegamer is a professional in video production. As a freelancer, he acquired in-depth expertise and knowledge on the modern video market and made himself a name as a director, motion designer, and digital artist. He finally became the owner and creative director of the Hamburg production company BLYNK. “Our team combines years of experience in video marketing with versatile skills”, explains Ruben.

Ruben’s team offers whatever kind of moving pictures their clients need. High-quality 3D rendering and animations, image films, animated cartoons and of course classic advertising spots are all part of their portfolio. “As a production company, our most important task is to understand the core message our clients want to communicate. Then we take care of finding the right visualizations and channels to reach their target audience.”, says Ruben.

Clever approaches to envisioning a brand or a product are a must. “Without creativity, you won’t win a trophy in our trade. And without a ‘trophy’, you won’t see clients anytime soon”, makes Ruben clear. “To make a creative project a true success you need three things: good communication, good humor, and -”, he chuckles, “…good coffee!”, he adds laughing.

So Many Stakeholders

The high standards BLYNK has set for themselves are of course confronted with a highly dynamic media landscape and ever-changing consumer demands. “To live up to our standards, we must always adapt. Our team fully thinks and lives in the digital age.” The range of projects and creative concepts they offer is a perfect match for the variety of customers they work for: web shops, local businesses, and giants like Lucky Strike or Mercedes.

“The biggest chunk of our work is reserved for tv spots. For our biggest customer, we manage up to seven projects per month.”, explains Ruben. The communication required to manage these projects is even more complex than that. “For every single project of this magnitude there are around four other companies with two representatives each, in addition to our client, we have to coordinate with ”

One of these projects revolved around a revolutionary new luggage…

The Future of Luggage

“Very recently, we produced a spot for Rimowa, a German manufacturer of luggage”, says Ruben. The product his team was to envision: the next step in luggage and flight onboarding technology. Rimowa Electronic Tag is a revolutionary system to make checking-in your luggage at the airport fast, easy and remote. In short, you can just scan your luggage with your smartphone and check it in for your flight wherever and whenever – no need for paper strips on your luggage handles and complicated onboarding procedures.

The technical details are a bit more complicated than that, of course. Ruben and his team were asked to create an animated video to explain all the details as simple as possible. “We had to deal with a piece of very new and innovative technology for this project. For this reason, clear communication was even more essential than usual. It was important to capture all the details correctly”, explains Ruben. “Especially since at the time of production, there was no physical luggage we could have had a look at.”

Juggling with copious amounts of emails to keep everyone, including Ruben’s own team, up to date would have been a tough task. Even worse, re-enacting the whole design and feedback process in its entirety would have been almost impossible with the email history as the only point of reference. “Luckily, we used Filestage for this project.”

Get ‘em on the Same Page

Using Filestage, clients can comment directly on the correct up-to-date video file. They can just set a marker on the time axis or right in the middle of a scene and leave valuable feedback. There’s no more need for lists and tables with time codes. “Those things used to be a pain to decipher correctly. Filestage makes our work much more efficient and prevents any misunderstandings. It has become a pivotal point for our communication with our clients and in our team”, says Ruben.

“Every round of feedback is well organized”, says Ruben. Especially the review markers on the time axis of a video deemed themselves useful in the everyday work of his team. “It’s all there – and easy to spot. Everyone can see which part in a video must be changed. Like this, only the relevant infos arrive at the desk of our artists.”

“We spent much less time fighting our way through the email-jungle”, Ruben sums it up. He alone saves up to 5 hours of work every single week thanks to Filestage. “Now we can finally spend time on the core of our work: being creative… Or we can just knock it off earlier!”, he adds laughing. “Thank you for that, Filestage!”

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