20 Best Marketing Podcasts Every Marketer Should Listen To

Whether you are a student, an industry professional or a curious onlooker, the marketing niche has something to offer to everyone. One of the most popular and approachable ways to learn “on the go” is by listening to podcasts.

Podcasts are a unique, on-demand type of audio content created by individuals with something to share with the world. They come in small tidbits as well as hour-long formats and depending on your free time, you can choose which ones to pay most attention to.

Pauline Farris, a Content Optimization Specialist at IsAccurate had this to say about podcasts: “I enjoy listen to podcasts both for personal pleasure and professional insight. I rarely ever listen to music when I commute and often opt for podcasts to pass my time – turns out that they are not half bad.”

Since we talk about the topic of marketing, we will focus on representative, quality examples of marketing podcasts. Let’s take a look at which ones you should listen to in order to learn more about the industry, how to run your business or simply how to recognize advertisement patterns around you.

Call to Action

Call to Action Screenshot

Call to Action is a very prolific and well-known marketing podcast. It focuses on digital marketing trends and comes out on a weekly basis. The podcast has been active for years, meaning that you potentially have quite a backlog of information to go through.

Call to Action often invites industry professionals to talk about relevant and trending topics in marketing and digital media. This makes it a perfect listen for both casual listeners and marketing experts.

The Futur

The Future Screenshot

As the name suggests, The Futur is focused on marketing through the lens of design. The podcast’s hosts are well-respected graphic and web designers with a lot of knowledge to share with the internet.

This show broadens the term “marketing” to encompass commercial projects, actual real-world examples of successful and unsuccessful solutions, and so forth. It is a genuinely presented view at how the world perceives marketing as an industry and is well-worth listening to regularly.

The Science of Social Media

The Science of Social Media Screenshot

Many podcasts opt for using well-known terminology in their titles – and for a good reason. Occasional listeners have a much easier time identifying with a podcast if they can tell what it’s about from the get-go. The Science of Social Media revolves around social media marketing with an emphasis on trending events.

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are given a proper shakeup as the hosts explain how each works best individually. This is an amazing listen even if you are a social media user above all else and don’t work in marketing.

Marketing over Coffee

The Marketing Coffee Screenshot

It’s quite common to have marketing meetings in coffee shops and laid-back establishments. This podcast understand it and uses the idiosyncrasy to its advantage.

Marketing over Coffee is recorded in a coffee shop where the hosts interview famous and respected marketing professionals. They chat in a casual manner and don’t stick to formalities. It makes for a very easy listen and doesn’t require much in terms of marketing background knowledge from the listener.

Copyblogger FM

Copyblogger FM Screenshot

Copywriting is an integral part of marketing, both online and off. Writers across the world are often tasked with coming up with catchy slogans, advertisement phrases and other attractive wording. Copyblogger FM is a podcast specifically designed for written marketing and everything it encompasses.

Neightan White, Head of Content Writing at SupremeDissertations spoke about copywriting recently: “You can never get enough information when it comes to writing copy. As one of my main inspiration points, I love to listen to podcasts while I prepare for bed at night.” Copyblogger FM is a good time even if you are not a writer or a marketing professional at all, given the approachable nature of each week’s topic.

The GaryVee Audio Experience

The GaryVee Audio Experience

Gary Vaynerchuk is a CEO, investor and public speaker with an extensive career and experience in the marketing industry. As one of his side projects, The GaryVee Audio Experience has everything you could ever hope for from a marketing podcast.

His content revolves around questions and messages he receives from individuals across the world. Even you can ask Gary a question and it might get an episode dedicated to it down the line. This podcast has a very close relation to its audience and it welcomes everyone to dig into marketing together.

VB Engage

VB Engage Screenshot

VB Engage is devoted to marketing basics and very rudimentary knowledge of the industry as a whole. It makes it an adequate candidate for someone’s first dive into marketing and podcasts as a whole.

The hosts of VB Engage invite popular personas from across the industry to try and make marketing as understandable as possible for everyone. It is easy to listen to and each episode is devoted to a different niche of marketing, from mobile content optimization to web design solutions in marketing.

Success Made Simple

Success made simple Screenshot

Marketing experts are often required to think about business and sales people. To that end, Success Made Simple aims to bridge the gap between business and marketing.

It also touches on subjects of personal development, goal setting and startup tips that many will find interesting to hear. Success Made Simple is a weekly podcast and is little over a year old – going through the now-90+ episodes should give you plenty of useful material to work with.

Perpetual Traffic

Perpetual Traffic Screenshot

Generating leads and raising conversion rates is often a thing of nightmares for digital marketing professionals. Perpetual Traffic aims to answer pressing questions about digital marketing, SEO of content, lead generation and traffic in general.

It is a very good listen for industry professionals and those that focus on content strategy and planning. It might be a bit too intimidating for beginners in marketing but that only means that it has a lot to offer.

Adweek Podcast

AWeek Screenshot

What better way to learn about marketing than by dissecting popular brands and campaigns via podcast? Adweek Podcast aims to do exactly that.

The hosts choose each week’s topic and campaign which will be discussed on the show. This show is made primarily for industry regulars and those with up-to-date knowledge about marketing. It is a very interesting insight into how marketing agencies operate and what they aim for in their projects.

The Digital Marketer Podcast

The Digital Marketer Podcast Screenshot

Even though this one is in its infancy with only a dozen or so episodes published, it packs quite the punch. The Digital Marketer Podcast focuses on digital marketing, content creation, SEO and everything that revolves paid advertisement.

It is a great source of actionable information about how to create and optimize your content for both personal and marketing use online. The Digital Marketer Podcast also invites prolific professionals from the industry and asks for their opinions on the current industry developments – an interesting listen nevertheless.

The Ecommerce Influence Marketing Podcast

The Ecommerce Influence Marketing Podcast Screenshot

Even though this one is a mouthful, it does something that very few other podcasts do – focus on ecommerce. We all use online shops to buy and ship items to our doorstep – but how does that really work?

This podcast questions the nature of ecommerce advertisement, how to optimize content for better visibility and how to market items for different demographics. It can be quite the tool if you are an ecommerce manager and look for useful information on the topic.

Duct Tape Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing Screenshot

Another easy listen comes in the form of Duct Tape Marketing, a podcast about all things advertisement. The hosts of Duct Tape Marketing have set out to make advertisement as understandable as possible to everyone.

Their guests do the same and often solve creative problems on the show for the listeners’ pleasure. Duct Tape Marketing touches upon the issues of budgetary restraints and limited resources in marketing (hence the name). It is a worthwhile listen no matter what aspect you do it from.

The Paid Search Podcast

The Paid Search Podcast Screenshot

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a pivotal role in digital content optimization and marketing as a whole. This is one of the pillars of The Paid Search Podcast, a show which focuses on Adwords trends and paid advertisement.

The podcast tackles trending topics of content optimization and offers valuable insight into how search engine algorithms rank content. As such, The Paid Search Podcast is best listened to on a regular basis since older episodes offer information which is past its expiration date. However, a lot can be learned even from older episodes and trends which they tackle in the digital marketing ring.

Social Triggers Insider

Social Triggers Insider Screenshot

Marketing is based on human psychology above all else. This means that a podcast dedicated to the psychological implications of advertisement is a must on the list. Social Triggers Insider can help marketing experts gain an even better understanding of their customers and clientele.

The show often offers very valuable and useful information which can be applied on a wide range of marketing activities. Social Triggers Insider will help you learn a lot about human behavior and psyche, making it an invaluable addition to your podcasts to-listen list.

I Love Marketing Podcast


This podcast represents a part of a global marketing community that keeps growing by the day. The show’s producers and hosts genuinely “love” what they do and their passion and dedication seeps through the podcast.

You will learn a lot of valuable industry insight about email marketing, conversion rate boosts, marketing automation and other actionable tips. This podcast is suitable for everyone from small startup CEOs to curious onlookers.

Nerd Marketing

Nerd Marketing Screenshot

The host of Nerd Marketing is a well-established entrepreneur and marketing expert Drew Sanocki. As the CEO of his own enterprise, Drew has a lot to share with the world at large. This is why he decided to start his own podcast – Nerd Marketing.

It revolves around his experience in the industry and how to solve very real issues that pop up on a daily basis. This show is suitable both for business owners and marketing professionals at large. It covers topics such as advertisement planning and team management, giving everyone something to look forward to in each succeeding episode.

HBR IdeaCast

HBR Idea Cast Screenshot

The Harvard Business Review’s very own podcast focuses on marketing from a different angle. Industry professionals, business people and successful individuals talk about their life stories on HBR IdeaCast.

This podcast is great for people with aspirations to do something in the marketing industry but have no idea on where to start. Each weekly episode is dedicated to a professional from a certain aspect of marketing or business and touches upon very real and valuable advice.

Rainmaker FM

Rainmaker FM Screenshot

What separates Rainmaker FM from any other marketing podcast is its plethora of hosts. Eight distinct voices host Rainmaker FM and give insight into the marketing industry like no other show out there.

The format is very approachable for both newcomers and marketing affiliates. They work closely with Copywriter FM (which we talked about before) and offer numerous ways for individuals to inform themselves about marketing on a global scale.

Entrepreneurs on Fire

Entrepreneurs on Fire Screenshot

Lastly, a podcast about how to run your own marketing business might just be what you need. This is a show dedicated to small enterprises and startups which succeeded or failed in their missions.

The show’s host invites famous and ambitious CEOs of small firms to share their experiences about running an independent business and the marketing struggles that go with it. It is a great listen for the inexperienced, especially if you have aspirations to start your own firm down the road.


It’s clear that there are dozens of high quality podcasts worth listening to out there. Use the opportunity to learn more about marketing as you move about on your daily commute or listen to an episode or two while you relax.

Try a couple and see if you can find the perfect combination which will work for you for the foreseeable future. The good thing about podcasts is that you can mix and match numerous shows to your heart’s content. After all, nothing is stopping you from changing things up and picking up new shows as you grow tired of the old ones.

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