Say It with Music – Art, Client Reviews, and Ferrero

Music is truly a universal language. Sadness, joy, that cozy feeling from your childhood when your mother covered you in a blanket – it’s all in the notes.

We talked with Lorenzo Magario, founder, CEO, and art director of LmK Music Production. Despite all business duties, he managed to remain an artist through and through. Besides offering general audio-production services, he and his team of talented musicians create soundtracks for all kinds of situations, emotions and customers.


You worked on an international Ferrero commercial recently. What emotions did you want to capture with the soundtrack you provided?

[blockquote text=” We’ve been asked to create a soundtrack that would communicate how Ferrero combines tradition with innovation – which has been represented mostly orchestrally-wise (e.g. the piano represents the traditional aspect and the synthesizers the modern one). The strictly emotional content has been created in unison with the image stream. ” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

For videos, music is of course very important to create emotions. How do you manage to capture your customers’ visions of a final product in your tunes?

[blockquote text=” Our most common system for gathering the needed information starts by providing our customers with an exposé of our creative work. Afterward, they have a brainstorming session with me to define the final, most timely details of the art direction. ” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

When do you get your ideas for a piece of music?

[blockquote text=” Mostly in the first meeting with a customer. There, my imagination already starts running. Usually, when I walk out of a brainstorming meeting, I start singing what will become the soundtrack’s main theme. ” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

So you are fully invested from the very beginning.

[blockquote text=” As the art director, I always make sure that our customer’s aesthetic needs are successfully met and accord with our high artistic standards. One of our foremost priorities is making our customers happy and creating good art at the same time. ” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

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Feedback and Art

Music and Art in general are sometimes hard to review.

Communication with clients plays a critical role in the creative process. “The feedback we receive is always very simple; it can even be just a single adjective like ‘happier’, ‘sadder’, or ‘more energetic’”, Lorenzo says. This feedback then has to get translated into a creative process that satisfies a customer’s needs.

To get there, pinpointing an exact interpretation of a client’s wishes is the biggest hurdle to overcome. Therefore, customer communication is inevitable.

As a customer, reaching out to a company can be cumbersome – especially when art is on the table. How do you and your clients exchange feedback on your music?

[blockquote text=” We use Filestage for most of our soundtrack productions, and we’re starting to use it for our audio-production services for musicians. It’s easy to use, reliable and fast. It offers features like sharing your work with colleagues and customers alike, and project/team subdivisions. It has everything we need for soundtrack reviewing, so it makes our work easier for us. ” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

How did your customers react when you first introduced them to Filestage?

[blockquote text=” Due to this workflow’s innovative nature, they might have been skeptical at first. But when they finally tried Filestage, they’ve all been extremely enthusiastic about it! We also don’t really have to explain how to use Filestage. It’s well-designed, and they usually find everything they need by themselves. ” show_quote_icon=”yes”]

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Nowadays, artistic visions and client communication go hand in hand. Although it seems hard to manage, there are ways to combine them. Review software tools are the way to go. Lorenzo and his team use Filestage to keep their customers baffled by their creations whilst reducing redundant feedback loops. When do you start your free trial?

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