New Features: Major Updates & Improvements to Filestage

Every day, we’re giving our all to make Filestage the leading review tool in the world. Our motivation is to help creative people be more successful and have fewer hassles during their everyday work. So we never stop working to improve Filestage. Our strongest weapon: We listen to our users. So we’re proud to say that all improvements we make are based on feedback we receive from our users.

In this blog post, we’ll give you a detailed look at all the updates we’ve published over the last few months.

Here’s a quick overview of all the updates:

> Review PDF Documents
> Guest Commenting & Crowd Reviews
> Dashboard Redesign
> Search, Sort and Filter Comments & Mention People
> Custom Branding & Emails
> To-Do List to Mark Comments Done
> Automatically Batched Email Notifications
> Quick Invite to Multiple Files

Review PDF Documents

You can now review PDFs on Filestage. This option gives you tremendous possibilities such as reviewing storyboards, scripts, brochures, eBooks, and catalogs. You can also export your Powerpoint presentations as PDFs and review them on Filestage.

Guest Commenting & Crowd Review

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When reviewers open your review links, they don’t need to reveal any personal information. Rather, they can immediately view the file and comments. They’ll only be asked for their name after they leave a comment.

Additionally, it’s possible to disable email notifications. In other words, your reviewers won’t be notified of new comments and versions. Also, your reviewers won’t need to enter their email addresses while reviewing your file. So it’s possible to share your review link with a crowd and get their feedback.

Dashboard Redesign

Dashboard Redesign

We’re sure you know that we love simplicity at Filestage. That’s why we gave our project dashboard a beautiful redesign and improved its performance. Your projects will now load even faster, and you keep the overview even with a whole bunch of projects.

Search, Sort and Filter Comments & Mention People

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The comment section is now a lot more dynamic. Search for comments; sort them by newest, oldest, & timecode; and filter all the resolved changes.

You can also easily address other people. Mention your teammates and reviewers: They’ll receive a personal email notification, even if they’ve turned off the comment notifications. Simply hit + or @, and type their email address.

Custom Branding & Emails

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By using our new customized branding feature, you can place your logo on every client interaction. When you customize Filestage with your own logo, it’ll be part of all your email notifications, and it’ll also appear on the application.

To-Do List to Mark Comments Done

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To organize your work and keep your team in the loop, you can now mark your comments as resolved. The To-Do list is kept private among your team, so reviewers don’t get to see which comments have been marked as done.

Automatically Batched Email Notifications

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You and your clients will always receive batched email notifications. In other words, you’ll receive a useful summary of all new annotations for the last set of minutes, instead of individual emails for each comment. This improvement significantly reduces the amount of emails you receive.

Quick Invite to Multiple Files

Quick Invite

Due to the new quick invite feature, sharing & reviewing multiple files is now a lot easier. So you can quickly select numerous files, and invite reviewers and team members with just one click.

How do you like the new features? Do you have any suggestions that aren’t on this list?

Let us know by leaving a comment below. We’d love to hear your ideas.

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