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The 8 best packaging pranks for April Fools’ Day

The 8 best packaging pranks for April Fools’ Day

From Hellmann’s to Bud Light, April Fools’ Day is the perfect time of year for brands to have a little fun with their fans. This year, we saw everything from Papa Johns’ Pot Noodle pizza to Banza’s Just The Sauce sachets – because it’s just that good!

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Seth Rogen’s weed brand, Houseplant, gets bold new packaging that stacks like Lego

Houseplant, gets bold new packaging that stacks like Lego

If you could choose your dream client, Seth Rogen and his Houseplant cannabis brand may just be it. But for their recent rebrand, that pleasure went to two studios, Pràctica and Ma-Ma. Together, they delivered a vibrant packaging-focused rebrand that encourages buyers to collect, stack, and reuse their products. A win for sustainability!

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Ogilvy celebrates the New York Philharmonic’s new chapter with a brand overhaul

New York Philharmonic’s new chapter with a brand overhaul

The David Geffen Hall at the Lincoln Center has been reimagined. The audience now envelopes the orchestra to create a more inclusive and connected experience. And as the New York Philharmonic prepares for its return later this year, it too has undergone a makeover – courtesy of Ogilvy.

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Filestage news and tips

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Add seats to your plan as your team grows

Heads up admins – you can now add seats to your plan from the settings tab in Filestage. So if you’re kicking off a new project and need to add more collaborators, you can get it done in a flash. And of course, that means you can remove seats any time too.

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Enjoy faster uploads with auto-versioning

Ever find yourself sharing 10, 20, or even 100 new versions at once? This one’s for you! With the new Filestage dashboard, you can now drag all your new versions into your projects at once. Any file names that match one of your existing files will automatically be added as a new version. And the best bit? Only the prefix of each version needs to match, so you can still use version numbers at the end of your file names.

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How to draw annotations and share attachments right alongside your content

Filestage is all about making feedback clearer and easier to understand. One way you can do this is by circling the exact part you’re talking about or scribbling something out. Another is by sharing attachments as part of your comment. This could be a reference to help bring your comment to life, or something more practical like a logo or font file.

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Deep dive

Creativity in the metaverse → 
How tech and creativity will collide in the next iteration of the web.

Get productive with bad idea brainstorms →
Train your creative muscles to generate more good ideas.

Twitter’s 3D product ads in action →
New Balance, Oreo, and Bud Light have put it to the test.

Colgate trials tech for real-time ad testing →
The tool aims to make mobile ads more effective.

Provable marketing attribution is a boondoggle →
And why you’re better off trusting your gut.

How the BBC uses Slack to improve collaboration →
With a central collaboration hub that’s customizable to their team’s needs, they’re now able to resolve issues much more quickly than ever before. Meanwhile, viewers can continue enjoying their favorite televised events gloriously uninterrupted.

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