Best Productivity Software

Best Productivity Software for Marketers: 61 Tools That’ll Help You Get Things Done

As modern marketers, we live in a fantastic time yet find ourselves constantly battling time. A million projects to finish, deadlines to meet, sales enablement, competitor intelligence and what not. There’s always infinite to do and little time to finish it. To truly achieve success and productivity, the solution is the holy triage of modern marketing – Planning, prioritization and automation.

While planning and prioritization are relatively business specific, automation is something that is arguably business agnostic. If you can minimize the time spent on monotonous chores and channelize them to creative aspects around your business, you know you’ve made it as a marketer. The activity leads to productivity!

How To Manage Your Social Media Content With Trello

How to Manage Your Social Media Content with Trello: A Step-by-Step Guide for Remote Teams

If you’re a modern marketer, consider yourself lucky. You’re working in a dynamic field and that makes for exciting times. Not only has the technology changed, but the people have, too. These days, the folks who help you fulfill your agency goals are apt to be scattered across the globe. As a result, you may find yourself grappling with how to manage remote teams.

Time Management Books

8 Best Time Management Books That’ll Help You Save Up to 36 Hours Per Week

623,000 hours. Worldwide, that’s the average life expectancy for females (by the way, 20,000 hours more than men). That sounds a lot at first glance.  But you know and I know it: Time flies. Hence, we need to make sure that we properly manage our time and avoid bad time-consuming activities. To help you optimize your time, we’ve asked 8 experts about their favorite time management book.

Motivational Techniques

7 Motivational Techniques to Inspire Your Creative Employees

You need to walk a fine line when it comes to trying to get the most from your employees and overworking them. American companies lose $350 billion a year because of unmotivated employees. The key to solving this is providing the right employee motivation. That can be extra tricky when it comes to creative employees because creativity can’t be forced—but that doesn’t mean all is lost.

Evernote for Marketing

7 Ways Evernote Can Make Your Content Marketing More Productive

Since its inception in 2007, Evernote has helped over 200 million users create notes, save ideas, and attach documents. It’s an active online community too, with over 5 billion notes created over the past decade. The sheer amount of data meant that it took Evernote 70 days to transfer files to Google’s Cloud in 2017.

Being able to put all your notes, reminders, ideas, and everything in between, on one easy-to-use platform has obvious appeal. There’s no doubt Evernote can help organize your content marketing and you can easily use Evernote for content planning.

In this post, we’ll look into the seven different ways you can use Evernote to make your content marketing more productive:


7 Tips To Building a Successful Creative Team

Growing a three person marketing agency into a multi-million dollar, 26 employee agency was single handedly the most difficult thing I’ve ever done.

Startup growth is a test of endurance, character, and sheer will power, and it can beat down the strongest people who try it.

Collaboration Skills

20 Collaboration Skills Every Marketing Manager Needs

A successful marketing campaign requires different skills sets and often involve multiple roles. Copywriters, designers, PPC specialists and more. The marketing manager is responsible for pulling this team together. Hence, collaboration skills are crucial. But what collaboration skills are most important when organizing a team? We asked 20 experts for their opinion.

Team Spirit

5 Simple Ways to Boost Team Spirit of Your Marketing Team

Team spirit – most companies want it but not everyone knows how to achieve it.

There are many benefits to boosting team spirit including, employee satisfaction, boosted morale, lower employee turnover and increased productivity. It’s a win/win for both management and employees.

Although building team spirit can seem overwhelming at first, once you get the ball rolling you will soon start to see the benefits for yourself. Here are five ways you can build team spirit within your company:

video script template

How To Write A Stellar Video Script (+ Free Template For Marketers)

Most marketers wear multiple hats, and video making particularly isn’t a favorite. That’s because creating videos can be intimidating, especially if you’re
This article is a step-by-step approach to help you create a video script template.

Best books on meditation

10 Best Books On Meditation That’ll Help You Strengthen Your Focus

Do you know that we generally lose attention after 8 seconds? Even the oft-cited goldfish has an attention span of 9 seconds.

The impact of the digitalized lifestyle on our brains isn’t deniable. But what can you do about?

Apart from changing your toxic email habits, you should get into meditation.

We’ve compiled a (subjective) list of the 10 best books on meditation to help you to get started.


Here Are 4 Social Media Best Practices for Marketers

When starting to work on a completely new thing I google the s*it out of it. I’m looking for the best practices, tips, and ways to do my job better than everyone else in the universe. I’ll research it a lot to understand what others did, said and implemented, then combine all of it in a (hopefully better solution). I want to make sure that I’m creating the best content out there. Thus, social media managers have to follow the best practices to improve their chances for a better reach and engagement of the brand in the digital world.

ways to improve work performance

7 Ways To Improve Your Work Performance Dramatically

You have these big goals but how are you actually going to get them done? You start the day with good intentions but before you know it, the day is over and you have nothing much to show for it. But what if you could improve your work performance to start hitting those goals? What if everyday could be like that one day when you really smashed it and got all those things done? How amazing would you feel! Well, there’s no magic formula but here are the things high performers do to increase their work performance.

9 Effective Ways To Optimize The Graphic Design Process

9 Effective Ways To Optimize The Graphic Design Process

Having a solid graphic design process will help you to create better designs. Once established, you don’t need to think about the next steps each time you’re working on a new project. You just pursue your approach. Hence, you’re able to focus on the most important aspect: the graphic design.

Productive Things To Do When Bored

14 Productivity Pros Recommend Productive Things To Do When Bored

We all have downtimes sometimes. These are small time slots that last only for a couple of minutes. They happen when we need to wait for a train, stand in a queue in the supermarket or just sit on the couch waiting for the pizza delivery. Often, we tend to waste this valuable time. We scroll through Facebook or check the latest 9gag memes.
But it doesn’t need to be that way: We asked 13 productivity experts for their advice on productive things that you can do when you are bored.


The Ultimate SMART Goals Template For Achieving Your Objectives 2020

Staying productive in a dynamic project environment is a huge challenge and requires plenty of work. Hence, setting the right goals is crucial. You can see a goal as a compass. Only if you are working towards a defined goal, you can be sure that you are on the right track. But how should you define a goal in detail? SMART goals is the cue.