Stop Mailing, Start Doing!

Every creative head knows how mind numbing email exchanges with customers can be. Productivity and motivation suffer as a result. An alternative to maddening email ping-pong exists, though. Filestage can revive your creative workflow.


How Reselling Hosting Is A Great Agency Growth Hack

Hosting your customers’ websites yourself seems to be an opportunity to convert one time projects into a constant stream of revenue. If you are thinking about it: Don’t do it. Reselling hosting is much safer and a great growth hack, especially for agencies that have more time than money.

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Free eBook: How to Survive in The Agency Jungle

Our free eBook “How to Survive in The Agency Jungle” will help you keep a clear head while working at an ad agency. It’s the ultimate guide on how to deal with your clients and provides a list of useful software tools to improve your workflow and spare you some precious time in the agency life.

New Features and Updates

New Features: Major Updates & Improvements to Filestage

Everyday, we’re giving our all to make Filestage the leading review tool in the world. Our motivation is to help creative people be more successful and have fewer hassles during their everyday work.

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Guest Post: 5 Ways to Improve Your Business’s Social Media

Social media is your direct contact with your clients. It allows you to inform, answer questions and gain new customers all at once. If you use it to its full potential, it can help take your company to the next level.
Here are a few helpful tips for improving your social media presence!

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Your Free Story Canvas Template (PDF + PowerPoint)

A story canvas is a framework that helps you give your ideas a certain structure. Since there are several categories within the canvas itself, you see all the important factors that play a role in your story at a single glance. This framework helps you find the key to a great story that will suit your audience.

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Free eBook: The Ultimate Storytelling Guide for Brands & Agencies

Storytelling is a talent that some people are born with, but others have to get training first. Nevertheless, everyone can master the art of storytelling. You just need the right tools of storytelling in hand. That’s why we’ve written this comprehensive, completely free storytelling eBook.

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How to Create Better Ad Campaigns with the Story Canvas

When you’re a bit familiar with the startup world and ideas for developing new business ideas, you probably know the business-model canvas. But have you ever heard about the story canvas before? It’s a great tool for developing enchanting stories, especially when you work in film or advertising.

49 Free Forms & Templates for Designers

49 Free Forms & Templates for Designers

With the help of these free templates tailored for designers, paperwork problems are old news. Don’t let bureaucratic problems get in the way of your creativity!