The 4 Best Tools to Speed Up Your Agency’s Workflow

Since there are so many software solutions for ad agencies, how are you supposed to maintain an overview? We have listed the four best agency software tools to speed up your agency workflow.

Free Production Templates for Filmmakers

90 Free Templates for Filmmakers – Part 2: Production

Check out part 2 of 3 from our series: “The 90 Best Free Production Templates for Filmmakers”. Featuring an array of templates, such as accounting records, film shooting forms and call sheets. If you want to save time, you should take a look.

Script Breakdown Header Image

6 Ways To Quickly Create A Script Breakdown

Do you ever have trouble organizing your script? Check out this guest post by StudioBinder, where they show you how to easily create a script breakdown.

download storyboard checklist

8 Steps to Create an Amazing Storyboard

Organization preceeds success. If you want to have successful projects without all of the headaches involved, then check out our storyboard checklist!

Best Design Blogs and Websites

Top 75 Design Blogs and their Best Articles

Fed up with trekking through the jungle of design blogs? This top compilation of the worldwide best design blogs will bring your creative mind up to date.

storyboard template

Free Storyboard Template (PDF + PowerPoint)

A storyboard is an illustration of all the elements that you want to include in your video. Use this great template as a foundation of your next movie or video. It helps you to visualize your idea and imaginations.


Careers in Film: 17 Jobs that Could Suit You!

Are you looking for a career in film? Or, do you already have a job in the film industry but want to switch positions? In this article, we’re gonna dive deep into the job opportunities available in the film industry.

There is a screenshot of the mood board template

Useful Mood Board Template

A simple yet powerful PowerPoint and PDF template that helps you to visualize your creative ideas. This template works perfectly for professionals in advertising, design, marketing and media….

Make a Brilliant Mood Board

How to Make a Brilliant Mood Board

Have you ever thought you have an idea that is better than anything? But your co-workers just don’t get it. The solution to your problem could be a mood board.


How to Write a Storyboard

In film and video business it’s all about the story and the storyline. A great tool to structure the story of a film is a storyboard. Learn here how to write a useful and effective storyboard.

Client Feedback Made Easy

Client Feedback Doesn’t Need to be Painful

Client feedback ist often confusing. Everyone who works in the advertising world knows about this: Painful reviews waste valuable time and money. But we have the solution to this problem.

A woman is getting a bucket of cold water in her head.

29 Surprising Facts About The Agency Business

The agency business is changing rapidly. Many say that agencies should be scared, others say it’s the best time ever to be in the business. We won’t give you an opinion on that, just the basic facts.