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12 Effective Ways to Get Paid by Clients on Time

Who likes to ask clients for money? Situations like that often make us feel ashamed or give us an uncomfortable feeling. Here are 12 tips and practical advices to handle situations like that.

Top 100 Advertising Blogs

Top 100 Advertising Blogs and Their Best Articles

Having a hard time figuring out what to read on advertising? You’re in luck! We collected the 100 best advertising blogs and their finest articles. You will find the most skillful writers on the subject of advertising here. We divided the advertising blogs by the nature of their contributors.


Infographic: How Video Marketing is Driving Business

Some time ago we published an article about video marketing. It was a huge success due to your active shares on Social Media – thanks again! Now we created an infographic about the essence on how video marketing is driving business.

Infographic Ready to Freelance

Infographic: How To Become a Successful Freelance Designer

Recently we wrote about what it takes to become a successful freelance designer. This time we thought of a more visual way to present the essence of this article. We created (surprise) a beautiful infographic…

What Makes a Great Art Director?

7 Powerful Traits of Successful Art Directors at Ad Agencies

Not everybody is destined to work his or her way up toward becoming an art director. It takes a special kind of person to be successful in advertising agencies. If you want to be a successful art director you need to make sure you adopt these seven essential traits.

buyer persona

Effective Buyer Persona Template

A simple yet powerful PowerPoint template that helps you create effective buyer personas. This template works perfectly for professionals in advertising, design, marketing and media.


How to Create an Effective Buyer Persona

Creating buyer personas help you to focus on the customer’s needs, wants and desires. Follow this guide to build effective buyer personas.

Creative Brief

10 Points Every Creative Brief Must Contain

Working without a clear creative brief, is like driving with broken headlights at night. This 10 points make every creative brief ready for the road