Youtube Marketing

20 Quick Hacks to Help You With Your Youtube Marketing

With over a billion users, YouTube is second to just Facebook when it comes to social media platforms. Marketing on YouTube means marketing to about one-third of all internet users, as that’s how many users it has.

How to get started with YouTube marketing

So, it’s no wonder that marketers want to do more and more of YouTube marketing. But because YouTube has changed so much over the last few years, the experience of uploading and editing the content, making it more attractive and accessible, and engaging with the subscribers has changed significantly.

As a result, most of the how-to information on YouTube is quite outdated. And so in this guide, we’re offering you the latest and fully ‘working’ answers to your most common and routine YouTube issues, so you don’t waste your time!

Let’s dive into the most common questions.

Mobile Advertising

How to Effectively Use Mobile Advertising for Agency Growth

Our understanding of advertising has been rapidly changing to address the needs of consumers. The primary goal of ads is to reach people who are most likely to buy our products or services. As we move along the timeline of technological advancement, advertising techniques have also changed to reach more and more people.

marketing podcasts

20 Best Marketing Podcasts Every Marketer Should Listen To

Whether you are a student, an industry professional or a curious onlooker, the marketing niche has something to offer to everyone. One of the most popular and approachable ways to learn “on the go” is by listening to podcasts.

Podcasts are a unique, on-demand type of audio content created by individuals with something to share with the world. They come in small tidbits as well as hour-long formats and depending on your free time, you can choose which ones to pay most attention to.