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15 Simple Ways to Share Video Online

You want to privately share a video, you go to social media or email and the attachments too large.

If you’re lucky and it is small enough it’s still going to leave you sat there for half an hour waiting for it to send.

What can you do?

We’re going to give you 15 ways you can share media without having to wait forever or find out your file is too large.

Who can use these programmes?

We’re going to give you a range of options so you can find the best tools for your needs. Whether you’re trying to send family videos, working as a freelancer or part of a bigger business, one of these systems will give you an easy solution to sharing content.

Problems with sharing videos and media can affect your productivity massively. Think about it. How much easier would your life be if sharing large videos was easier? If you’re part of a digital business, then this list could be crucial to improving your client’s experience.

In this list, we’ll tell you exactly what the benefits of each website are, how much storage space they provide and how much it will cost you to use their services.

Project Report

The Free Project Report Template to Easily Track and Review Your Work

Time’s up. You need to present what you’ve achieved so far in the project.

Except you can’t because your files are spread between five different programs and the person reviewing it doesn’t have permission to view half of them.

This wouldn’t be a problem if you had a project report template to follow.

That’s why this post will show you what a project status report is, how to use awesome tools like Filestage to present everything in a single view, and even provide a premade project report checklist to follow to create perfect reports every time.

Let’s get stuck in.