Business Meeting

How to Run a Business Meeting (The Productive Way)

Business meetings are a necessary evil.

At their best, they are great to discuss ideas, progress projects and deals and get everyone informed.

At their worst, they are more draining and time-consuming than productive. The worst kind of meeting is so poorly organised that it feels virtually useless – causing bad morale among attendees and taking precious time away from everyone’s priorities.

Productivity Software

Best Productivity Software for Marketers: 61 Tools That’ll Help You Get Things Done

As modern marketers, we live in a fantastic time yet find ourselves constantly battling time. A million projects to finish, deadlines to meet, sales enablement, competitor intelligence and what not. There’s always infinite to do and little time to finish it. To truly achieve success and productivity, the solution is the holy triage of modern marketing – Planning, prioritization and automation.

While planning and prioritization are relatively business specific, automation is something that is arguably business agnostic. If you can minimize the time spent on monotonous chores and channelize them to creative aspects around your business, you know you’ve made it as a marketer. The activity leads to productivity!