Business Meeting

How to Run a Business Meeting (The Productive Way)

Business meetings are a necessary evil.

At their best, they are great to discuss ideas, progress projects and deals and get everyone informed.

At their worst, they are more draining and time-consuming than productive. The worst kind of meeting is so poorly organised that it feels virtually useless – causing bad morale among attendees and taking precious time away from everyone’s priorities.

Top 10 Adobe Premiere Alternatives

Top 10 Adobe Premiere Alternatives of 2018

If you’re looking for an Adobe Premiere alternative there are lots of available options and the functionality gap is closing between cheaper and more expensive editors. Check out our comprehensive list of Adobe Premiere alternatives.

Best Productivity Software

Best Productivity Software for Marketers: 61 Tools That’ll Help You Get Things Done

As modern marketers, we live in a fantastic time yet find ourselves constantly battling time. A million projects to finish, deadlines to meet, sales enablement, competitor intelligence and what not. There’s always infinite to do and little time to finish it. To truly achieve success and productivity, the solution is the holy triage of modern marketing – Planning, prioritization and automation.

While planning and prioritization are relatively business specific, automation is something that is arguably business agnostic. If you can minimize the time spent on monotonous chores and channelize them to creative aspects around your business, you know you’ve made it as a marketer. The activity leads to productivity!

How To Manage Your Social Media Content With Trello

How to Manage Your Social Media Content with Trello: A Step-by-Step Guide for Remote Teams

If you’re a modern marketer, consider yourself lucky. You’re working in a dynamic field and that makes for exciting times. Not only has the technology changed, but the people have, too. These days, the folks who help you fulfill your agency goals are apt to be scattered across the globe. As a result, you may find yourself grappling with how to manage remote teams.

Time Management Books

8 Best Time Management Books That’ll Help You Save Up to 36 Hours Per Week

623,000 hours. Worldwide, that’s the average life expectancy for females (by the way, 20,000 hours more than men). That sounds a lot at first glance.  But you know and I know it: Time flies. Hence, we need to make sure that we properly manage our time and avoid bad time-consuming activities. To help you optimize your time, we’ve asked 8 experts about their favorite time management book.