media planning resources

The Simple and Effective Handbook for Media Planning

Today’s media landscape is more complex than ever before. This means that talented media planners can play a vital role in the growth of many businesses. In this handbook we’re going to give you a simple overview of everything you need to know to become a master of media planning.

graphic design tools

The 30+ Best Graphic Design Tools

Whether you are a freelancer, starting from scratch, or a full graphic design agency, looking to upgrade, thet us help you decide which will help you and your team of graphic designers – of all levels – work more effectively.

Communication Tools for Marketing Teams

The 40 Best Communication Tools for Marketing Teams

Are you using powerful communication tools that empower your marketing team to collaborate seamlessly? In this piece, we’ll take a look at 36 communication tools that you should consider using with your marketing team.

marketing operations

The Complete Guide to Marketing Operations

A piece by piece breakdown of marketing operations to give you a clearer picture of what it is, and which steps you should take to become a master.

Stakeholder Management

The Ultimate Guide to Stakeholder Management for Your Marketing Projects

Any experienced marketer knows that without a clear vision and harmonious communication, complex marketing projects are doomed to fail. If these two key factors are missing, team members will become frustrated and demoralized, and your results will suffer.

video production management software

The best video production management software for your video projects

Video production management software includes tools that assist with the planning, organization, and execution of video projects (not only for agencies). But choosing the right tools is no easy task. So you’ll need to carefully choose the ideal tool for your project.

Frame io Alternatives

Best 29 alternatives to optimize your video review and approval process

Video content plays a major role in any successful digital marketing strategy. In fact, 87% of marketing departments currently use video as a marketing tool. But that video content isn’t easy or cheap to produce. So teams have to use the right tools and strategies. While is a popular tool, you might want to find out about some great alternatives.

document collaboration tools

15 document collaboration tools to increase productivity

As a project manager, it’s your job to encourage close collaboration among your team and provide the right tools for the job. Even though collaborating on documents can often be a confusing and time-consuming process, there are a plethora of solutions out there. Here’s a look at the best document collaboration tools.

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