Guest Post by Dimi Nakov: Overcoming My Fear of Writing

Dimi Nakov, writer and director, always loved movies and telling stories. In this article he tells his own story about how he overcame his fear of writing and where he got his inspiration.

Make a Brilliant Mood Board

How to Make a Brilliant Mood Board

Have you ever thought you have an idea that is better than anything? But your co-workers just don’t get it. The solution to your problem could be a mood board.


How to Write a Storyboard

In film and video business it’s all about the story and the storyline. A great tool to structure the story of a film is a storyboard. Learn here how to write a useful and effective storyboard.

Client Feedback Made Easy

Client Feedback Doesn’t Need to be Painful

Client feedback ist often confusing. Everyone who works in the advertising world knows about this: Painful reviews waste valuable time and money. But we have the solution to this problem.