Client Feedback Made Easy

Client Feedback Doesn’t Need to be Painful

Client feedback ist often confusing. Everyone who works in the advertising world knows about this: Painful reviews waste valuable time and money. But we have the solution to this problem.

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29 Surprising Facts About The Agency Business

The agency business is changing rapidly. Many say that agencies should be scared, others say it’s the best time ever to be in the business. We won’t give you an opinion on that, just the basic facts.

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12 Effective Ways to Get Paid by Clients on Time

Who likes to ask clients for money? Situations like that often make us feel ashamed or give us an uncomfortable feeling. Here are 12 tips and practical advices to handle situations like that.

Top 100 Advertising Blogs

Top 100 Advertising Blogs and Their Best Articles

Having a hard time figuring out what to read on advertising? You’re in luck! We collected the 100 best advertising blogs and their finest articles. You will find the most skillful writers on the subject of advertising here. We divided the advertising blogs by the nature of their contributors.