Sick of Email Ping-Pong? PDF Reviews Made Easy

Have you ever had the feeling that the feedback you receive from some clients gets you nowhere? Perhaps because it’s too vague? Or maybe there’s some information your clients aren’t sharing because they think it’s too obvious? Consider this quote from Clients from Hell:

CLIENT: I’m not too sure about the blue…
ME: Actually, that’s green.
CLIENT: Who’s the client?
ME: You.
CLIENT: And what color is it?
ME: …blue?
CLIENT: Right. Now let me see what other shades of blue we have.

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How PDF Reviews Usually Work

I’m sure you all know how complicated it can be to review media files, such as PDFs. It’s especially challenging when you can’t sit around a table and discuss feedback with your team or clients in person. So what’s your typical process?

The first thing that comes to mind is probably sending emails. But instead of getting fast results, emails just go back and forth, which often feels like playing email ping-pong.

Contradicting Comments and Chaotic Rounds of Feedback

Just think about the last time you asked your colleagues for feedback about a PDF brochure you created for a new campaign. You probably sent the doc to your coworkers via email, which seemed quite handy at first.

But every individual has his or her own preferences and point of view. Sooner or later, you receive feedback that contradicts a previous piece of advice. You need to find a compromise, so nobody’s opinion gets ignored.

From my personal experience, this scenario usually occurs because people haven’t seen their coworkers’ comments before adding their own. In the worst cases, they haven’t recognized that there’s a new version of your PDF available. So they’ve been commenting on an outdated document.

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How to Make PDF Reviews Efficient

We know how time-consuming ineffective feedback can be. So we’ve developed a software for easily reviewing and approving PDF documents. Instead of sending emails back and forth, clients and coworkers annotate their comments and change requests directly inside the online file.
Filestage supports reviews of videos, audio files, documents, and designs. To make the workflow as smooth as possible, we developed Filestage in close cooperation with leading ad agencies and film production firms.

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Everything at One Glance

A big advantage of an online review tool is that everybody stays on the same page. Everyone involved has instant access to the latest version. So you’ll never have to worry about people commenting on outdated versions. All comments are visual, so they’re easy to understand.

As you work on change requests, you can just mark comments as completed. At the same time, everything is clearly documented, so you’ll always be able to find all related comments. Besides, if you have a bigger number of files to manage, you can check the status of all your files to review by using our cockpit.

So with just a few clicks, you can stop playing email ping-pong and actually enjoy reviewing PDF documents with clients and coworkers.

If you’d like to try out your own PDF reviews with Filestage, we’re pleased to offer you a free trial of our premium service.

What do you think about Filestage? Feel free to contact us if you have any feedback or questions!

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4.8 out of 5


4.8 out of 5

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