5 Simple Ways to Boost Team Spirit of Your Marketing Team

Team spirit – most companies want it but not everyone knows how to achieve it.

There are many benefits to boosting team spirit including, employee satisfaction, boosted morale, lower employee turnover and increased productivity. It’s a win/win for both management and employees.

Although building team spirit can seem overwhelming at first, once you get the ball rolling you will soon start to see the benefits for yourself. Here are five ways you can build team spirit within your company:

1. Hire The Right People For The Right Team Spirit At Work

If you want to build team spirit, start at the beginning by hiring the right people. On top of finding someone whose skills and experience meet your requirements, you should also want to look for someone who would be a good personal fit for your team.

When interviewing potential candidates don’t strictly focus on hard skills alone but also look at soft skills. Ask them questions about their work habits and communication style, this will give you better insight as to who they really are and whether they will make a good fit for your team. Be sure that you are hiring people who understand your company and share the same vision as you.

Many businesses implement a trial period for potential employees, this is a great idea if you want to get a sense of what your possible new hire is like and vice versa. Have them work on tasks they would do as a full-time employee or partner them up with an existing employee who can show them the ropes. Once the trial period is over you will have a clearer picture of their soft skills and whether they would be a good fit for your team.

Hire the right people

2. Give Your Employees A Sense Of Purpose

Allow your team to take part in strategic planning, if they know where you want to go, they’ll feel an increased sense of investment in whatever project they work on.

Autonomy is also important, show your team that you trust them and give them the freedom to complete their tasks independently. If people feel like management doesn’t trust them or get a sense they’re being micromanaged, they’re more likely to shut down and lose passion for a project. If you’ve already followed the previous step and hired the right people, they should already have the motivation to see the company move forward so give them the freedom to run with it.

Try incorporating a time tracking software like Hubstaff into your team, this will give your employees a clear sense of what needs to be done without you having to constantly follow up. A time tracking software also increases productivity so your team will spend less time on projects with minimal results and focus more on the high-level tasks that directly affect the company.

Hubstaff Screenshot

3. Facilitate Open Communication

Communication is key when it comes to building team spirit. Have an open door policy where team members feel comfortable talking to you and/or other management regarding any issues. If your team feels like they can go to you with concerns you potentially decrease employee turnover.

Make sure that you’re actively listening when your team is voicing an issue and take action to help solve the problem afterwards. Open communication is a two-way street so be open with your team if you have any questions or concerns. Communication is crucial when it comes to a healthy work environment and by having good communication skills, you’re one step closer to boosting team spirit.

If you have a remote team, utilize communication tools such as Slack, Skype and Office Vibe. If you’ve never heard of Office Vibe, it’s a tool that sends weekly surveys to your employees about the company that they can answer anonymously. The surveys are then sent back to management for them to learn from and find out exactly how their team is feeling.

Office Vibe Screenshot
Office Vibe Screenshot (Source: Office Vibe)

4. Recognize And Celebrate Achievements

This is where things start to get fun! Recognizing your team’s accomplishments is a perfect way to boost team spirit.

When you recognize and celebrate your team’s achievements it builds a positive culture that fosters team spirit. Not only does this give employees a positive feeling whenever their accomplishments have been recognized but it also pushes them to strive to do better. Recognizing accomplishments allows employees to feel supported by their teammates and build a strong, supportive bond between one another.

A great teams spirit example: If you’re a remote team, try what Hubstaff does and create a #props Slack channel where people can give props to others for doing a good job. If you have a traditional office, you can bring up achievements during your daily stand-ups or create a board where people can recognize others achievements.  You may also want to consider rewarding employees for reaching certain goals, it doesn’t have to be much, a gift card to a local coffee shop or Amazon can make all the difference.

Recognize and Celebrate Achievements

5. Start A Culture Committee

When it comes down to it, team spirit is just another word for culture and if you want to build team spirit you’re going to need to promote a positive culture. If you don’t have one already, create a culture committee. Hubstaff has a committee that consists of one employee from every department. We’ve created a roadmap for what we want to see happen within our company culture and have worked hard at implementing our strategy.

Your committee can plan team building events such as potlucks or a poker night but they can also come up with ideas on how to build team spirit within the company. Consider giving employees an education allowance, subsidize a gym membership to promote health and wellness or re-evaluate your vacation policy. There are so many ways you can boost team morale and sometimes offering those small perks can make a big difference.

Team spirit is achievable for any business and once you decide to invest time and attention to boosting it, you will soon see the positive results within your team and organization as a whole. How do you boost team spirit within your organization?

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