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If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play.”
John Cleese

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6 embarrassing content mistakes and how to avoid them

embarrassing content mistakes

As workloads increase and deadlines become more demanding, mistakes can easily slip through the net. From harmless typos to blatant racism, sometimes even the biggest brands get things wrong. Here, we look at six embarrassing content mistakes, plus tips to help you avoid them.

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Leo Burnett Malaysia creates a crosswalk out of McDonald’s fries

crosswalk out of fires

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of McDonald’s Malaysia, Leo Burnett has installed a fries-inspired crosswalk in the Golden Triangle in Bukit Bintang. The iconic crosswalk took seven months from dream to reality and leads right to one of their stores.

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Incredible new accessibility app from Havas helps people with Parkinson’s stay connected

new app staybl

Meet Staybl, a new app from Havas Creative. Using the device’s sensors, it reacts to tremors to help users suffering from Parkinson’s disease. So if you move while trying to tap a button, the content moves with you.

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Get ready for the new Filestage dashboard

Dashboard walkthrough Filestage

Heads up! From May 1, all new projects will appear in the new Filestage dashboard. To help you switch with confidence, we’ve created a video walkthrough showcasing all the best features. And if you have any questions, please reach out any time.

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Automate review tasks and due dates with Asana

Wondering what our new “Apps” button is all about? Here’s the scoop! You can now sync your Filestage and Asana projects. So when you invite reviewers and set due dates in Filestage, they’ll be auto-assigned tasks in Asana to take a look.

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Deep dive

Outdoor advertising exploded 37% in Q4 2021 → 
McDonald’s, Apple, and Geico were the biggest spenders.

Transparency is just another BS buzzword → 
Why teams should focus on alignment instead.

The keys to successful marketing experimentation → 
Embracing failure when things don’t go to plan is critical.

Awin moves to a 4-day work week with Asana → 
Awin is the world’s largest provider of affiliate marketing. By adopting Asana for 80% of their team, they’ve automated repetitive tasks to save employees time. In fact, efficiency has increased so much that Awin has now moved to a 4-day work week.

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