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Honda ‘Cog’ takes the crown in The Drum’s 100 best ads of all time

Cog - best ads

The Drum has published a list of the 100 best TV and video ads of all time. All the winners were nominated by the public before being chosen by the world’s leading creative directors. Created in 2003 by Weiden+Kennedy, Honda’s mesmerizing ‘Cog’ took the top spot, with Guinness, Apple, Old Spice, and Skittles rounding off the top five.

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Skoda hacks influencer reviews on YouTube with billboards for the new Fabia

Skoda campaign

Skoda’s creative agency, Track DBB, gives a masterclass in how to outthink the competition. In France, Skoda knows they lag well behind their local competitors, Renault and Citroen. But they also know that 80% of people watch online reviews when choosing a new car. So they partnered with three top influencers to drop Fabia billboards into their review videos for the Renault Clio, Citroën C3, and Peugeot 208. Cheeky? Maybe. Smart? Absolutely.

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Sprite gets a fresh new look just in time for summer

Sprite summer campaign

Sprite waves goodbye to its spark logo with a global rebrand centered on clarity. With a bigger, bolder wordmark and stripped-back labels, the brand suddenly feels fresher and more iconic. So wherever you are in the world, you’re sure to spot its cans and bottles shining this summer.

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Copy comments between review steps in seconds

copy comments feature

You asked and we delivered! You can now copy comments between review steps – perfect for filtering out unnecessary edits before sharing feedback with your partners. Simply click the new copy icon at the top of the comments list, then you’ll be able to select all comments or pick them one by one. And the best bit? When you copy comments, you’ll automatically become the author so you can make edits in the new review step.

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Make your feedback more fun with emojis 🎉

Drumroll, please! 🥁 You can now add emojis to your comments in Filestage! Simply tap the smiley face in the comment box or enter “:” and start typing to search for an emoji. So next time you’re suggesting small changes or sharing a new 💡 with your team, you’ll be able to give your comments that extra sprinkle of magic.

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Deep dive

The ultimate guide to purposeful productivity →
Your mental health will thank you.

How YouTube’s TikTok rivalry could impact mobile video strategies →
YouTube Shorts now has 1.5 billion users.

Nostalgia done right →
What marketers can learn from media’s retro wave.

How Stripe runs remote, multi-day sprints with FigJam →
Stripe is a financial services and software company that powers online payments for internet companies. As a remote product team, they love using FigJam for icebreakers, brainstorms, and sprint planning. It makes collaboration fast, easy, and – most importantly – fun!

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