The Big Stage: camapign to raise awareness of STIs, new rooftop “Chillboards”, and more

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Quote of the week
“The first lesson of branding: memorability. It’s very difficult buying something you can’t remember.”
John Hegarty

Top stories

Relate and Ogilvy UK create charity condoms to raise awareness of STIs in over 65s

Ogilvy UK has partnered with the relationship charity, Relate, to create a playful range of vegetable-themed condoms. Dished out at Finchley Nurseries garden center in London, the condoms were designed to highlight a rise in STIs in the over 65s. By catching people off-guard with its emoji-inspired packaging, the charity hopes to break down barriers and get people talking about sexual health in later life.

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Rooftop “Chillboards” by Coors Light reduce surface temperatures by up to 50 degrees

On a typical summer day in Miami, black rooftops can hit 149°F – giving residents no choice but to crank up the A/C. But Coors Light is here to change that with their latest “Chillboards” campaign. By painting rooftops with a special white coating, they managed to cut the surface temperature by a massive 50 degrees.

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New Corona billboard uses sunlight and shadows to deliver brand message

In collaboration with Wieden+Kennedy and Sketch, Corona has created a sun-drenched billboard activation on the Brighton seafront in the UK. At 6.30 pm each day, the sun passes through the vibrant foliage flanking the billboard, revealing the Corona bottle and brand message: “Made from the natural world”.

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Filestage news and tips

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Here’s what’s new this week 📢

Invite external partners to upload content without using up seats

With Filestage, you can invite external creatives to upload content to your project dashboard. Simply turn on “Upload Files” in the reviewer settings, then turn off “Request review decision” when inviting them. Then they’ll be able to upload content without needing to request changes or approve files..

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How to review 3D content in Filestage

If you create 3D models in Autodesk Viewer or Sketchfab 3D, you can upload them to Filestage as live website reviews. Your reviewers will then be able to interact with the content and give accurate feedback on every detail.

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Deep dive

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