Top stories this week: Domino’s celebrates the return of Stranger Things with new mind-ordering pizza app. Spike Lee directs and stars in Nike’s 50th anniversary film. Pringles has partnered up with YouTube sensation

The Big Stage: Domino’s new mind-ordering pizza app, Nike’s 50th anniversary film, and more

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Top stories

Domino’s celebrates the return of Stranger Things with new mind-ordering pizza app

Netflix’s 80s-style hit, Stranger Things, is back on May 27 – and the marketing machine is well underway. Starring Lucas and Dustin, Domino’s has delivered a fun spot to introduce the world to their new mind-ordering pizza app. 

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Spike Lee directs and stars in Nike’s 50th anniversary film, “Seen It All”

Nike and Spike Lee take a trip down memory lane in “Seen It All”, with the actor and director reprising his famed Mars Blackmon character. Packed with sporting stars from Michael Jordan to Naomi Osaka, Mars battles it out with Zimmie over the past and future of sports. But there’s one thing they can both agree on: “Yo, it’s gotta be the shoes!”

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Pringles pops the lid on its partnership with YouTube sensation, Hot Ones

Dave Grohl, Jessica Alba, Matthew McConaughey. These are just a few of the famous names who have appeared on Hot Ones, a show where interviewees eat hot wings of increasing intensity while answering questions. To join in the fun, Pringles has partnered up to create a series of scorchin’ flavors using Hot Ones’ signature sauces.

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Keep content reviews moving with instant updates in Microsoft Teams

Great news! You can now connect Filestage projects with channels in Microsoft Teams. Then you can pick and choose exactly what you want to hear about, including comments, new versions, and review decisions.

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All team roles can now set up project integrations with Asana

This week, we opened up the Asana integration to all team roles. So whether you’re an admin, manager, or member, you can automate updates and review tasks by connecting your projects.

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Deep dive

Nike vs. Adidas – the battle for brand love →
The athletic wear companies influenced sports marketing and culture like few others.

Airbnb CEO on why companies get hybrid work wrong →
“Most of the people saying that they want everyone back to the office are over 50.”

When keyword poaching pays off →
Ads poaching customers from high-end brands get more clicks.

How Airstream uses HubSpot to generate 78% more leads at scale →
Airstream is the longest-tenured recreational vehicle manufacturer in the world. By implementing a journey-based advertising strategy with HubSpot’s marketing software, they increased leads generated by 78%. On top of that, they cut the cost per lead by 44%.

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