8 Best Time Management Books That’ll Help You Save Up to 36 Hours Per Week

623,000 hours. Worldwide, that’s the average life expectancy for females (by the way, 20,000 hours more than men). That sounds a lot at first glance.  But you know and I know it: Time flies. Hence, we need to make sure that we properly manage our time and avoid bad time-consuming activities. To help you optimize your time, we’ve asked 8 experts about their favorite time management book.

1. The Entrepreneur’s Garden by Divya Parekh


The Entrepreneur’s Garden is a great book for people who would like to create their own and successful business.

I love this book because it puts the old concept of golden days of retirement and deferring the life joys till later stages of life to bed. The book shows how one does not have to wait in these unpredictable times and changing trends for later.

Whether you are trying to carve out time in personal life or become more time efficient for your career, business or profitability or bring more joy and freedom in your life or live a quality life, it all begins with you. When you build a healthy relationship with yourself, others as well as with time, time efficiency becomes a way of being rather than something you have to work at. The Entrepreneur’s Garden is the blueprint to achieve freedom of time, abundant energy, and immense joy. – Naghilia Desravines, CEO of WomELLE.

2. The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande


In this book, Atul Gawande is explaining the power of creating innovative and smart checklists, to help you and your team.

The Checklist Manifesto offers practical advice to cut through the clutter and help you figure out what needs to be done, rather than what *seems like* it needs to be done. One big idea from the book is that when tasks are divided up into checklists, this helps increase performance and hold ourselves to a higher standard. In the end, this will result in more effective results from our labor. – Brett Helling, Owner of Ridester

3. The Other 8 Hours by Robert Pagliarini


A valuable book that explains how you can optimize your time to improve your private and professional life.

The author looks at time management as a means to unlock hours in your day to help you chase your dreams or improve your future. Some of the time hacks are a little off the wall but the best tools in the book are the ones that help you refocus on the activities and goals that are most important to you.

So many of us go through every day of our lives wasting time on activities that are inconsequential or only provide a marginal improvement. This book helps you to weed out those wasted activities and commit yourself to the ones that will propel you forward. – Matthew Struck, Founder of Treadstone Risk Management

4. Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen


The author provides, based on his personal experiences, a lot of knowledge to boost your productivity.

This book is absolutely timeless and has shaped the ways that I maximize my time as a busy entrepreneur, and all of my positions before. The two biggest takeaways are the way David breaks down larger, daunting tasks into tasks into smaller more manageable tasks that can be added to a to-do list without overwhelming the person looking at it the next day.

The second thing he does, is show you how to consolidate everything in your life that requires attention, so that you don’t have that feeling of an open loop, and can feel like you truly have everything in your view that needs tending to. – Ramona Shah, Beverage Consultant at Straight Up Bar

5. The Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss.


This book by the famous Tim Ferriss explains in an easy way how you can work less to live more.

His action oriented simple approach to how you manage time and your business to make it automated, outsourceable,and scalable is incredible. – Jane Stoller , Organizing Expert at Organizing For Your Lifestyle

6. The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan


This bestseller will help you to optimize your productivity and to reduce stress and distractions.

I’m actually rereading this book right now for my business book club and it’s been just as helpful the second time through as the first. The major premise is that multitasking keeps us from getting things done, while laser focusing on one thing at a time helps us become super productive. But, the key is to be focusing on the big, important things first, not last. Do the most important things now! – Heidi McBain , Professional Counseling for Women

7. Good Busy: Productivity, Procrastination, and the Endless Pursuit of Balance by Julia Scatliff


This book provides several ways to manage your time while showing you how to cope with procrastination.

The Author writes that the ideal state in which we experience moments in everyday life when our actions come close to matching our intentions for ourselves and for the world around us. She offers ten practices that will move us in the direction of good busy-ness, including building a margin around your activities and taking a long view. This book stirs our imaginations with the possibilities of what it might mean for us to make peace with time.  – Christopher Smith, Editor at The Englewood Review of Books

8. Time Power by Dr. Charles Hobbs


An old (but gold) book which will support you to focus on what really matters by establishing effective time management systems.

That book made me a master of documentation. For anyone who uses a paper planner, this book is a game-changer. The writing is fresh, clean, and about as nuts-and-bolts as anything gets. – Frank Buck , Owner of Frank Buck Consulting


Of course, there are many great books on time management. Hopefully, you enjoyed our list of books, compiled by industry experts. After reading this article, the objective is not to read them all. The goal is to get started. Pick one of these books and start learning. You’ll see how it will change your life. Staying organized and productive can really affect your private and business performance.

If you’re missing your favorite time management book on the list, feel free to let us know about it in the comments.