Top 100 Advertising Blogs and Their Best Articles

Having a hard time figuring out what to read on advertising? You’re in luck! We at Filestage collected the 100 best advertising blogs and their finest articles. You will find the most skillful writers on the subject of advertising here. We divided the advertising blogs by the nature of their contributors.

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Personal Blogs

Personal blogs are written by leaders in the advertising industry. They talk about their own experience and how they got the job they have. If you aim to become a leader in advertising, these blogs will provide fantastic insights into the mindsets of advertising thought leaders.

1. The Ad Contrarian. Bob Hoffman shares his thoughts on advertising news and frequently offers contrary perspectives on advertising discussions. For example he points out that Adweek’s story on “How Volkswagen Just Squandered 55 Years of Great Advertising” is not really the truth. “Exactly the opposite is the case.” Bob is also a partner at Type A Group, which advises agencies, marketers, and media.
Best Article: Ad Blocking Far Exceeds Ad Skipping

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2. Copyranter. Mark Duffy describes himself as “The Best Ad Critic In The World™ (™ pending)”. When you read his content, you will accept this as a reasonable description. He rants about Cannes, Apple, marketing jobs and how to advertise to millennials.
Best Article: Everybody’s definition of ‘branded content’ is wrong

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3. Creativity Unbound. On this blog Edward Boches talks about creativity, advertising and everything he hopes is useful for you. He’s professor of advertising at Boston University and the previous chief creative officer at Mullen. The topics range from how to write effective briefs to helpful Facebook hacks.
Best Article: Advice to a first time creative director

4. Bhatnaturally. Lakshmipathy Bhat writes articles on brands, Apple and new media. He is a marketing communication expert and passionate about mobile apps, strategy and design. The blog offers actionable guides on topics like headlines, print ads and design.
Best Article: Making headlines: 19 print ads with attention grabbing copy

5. Re-inventing. Rishad Tobaccowala is the chief strategist at Publicis Groupe and chairman at The Tobaccowala Foundation. He shares interesting lessons about his own experience in the advertising world.
Best Article: Ten Career Lessons

Advertising Blogs

Advertising blogs frequently write about topics like super bowl ads, big data, industry news, digital trends and the “10 Sexist Ads Made by Total Pigs”. They are perfect for people who want to stay up-to-date about the newest campaigns, trends and rumors in advertising.

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“Actually I have several advertising blogs I regularly check to stay updated on the state-of-the-art: they are creativity-online (because it regularly shows great campaigns and commercials), digital buzz blog (because it focuses more on digital campaigns and activations) and thefwa (because it features great website and digital experiences).”

Salvatore Russomanno, Associate Creative Director at 360i

1. Joe La Pompe. This is the blog nobody wants to be on. It reveals copycats in advertising and allows everyone to vote on whether they think that the resemblance is coincidental or deliberate.

[image_with_text title_tag=”h5″ image=”18065″ title=”Joe La Pompe”][/image_with_text]

2. Adland. The Adland blog has been live since 1996. It’s a huge library on advertising and you will always find the newest and most inspirational campaigns here. There is a lot to discover in Adland, like an archive of super bowl ads or a collection of ad books.

3. Gods of Advertising. Steffan Postaer, executive creative director at gyro, shares his unique thoughts on the advertising industry. He is also the author of 3 books, including ‘The Happy Soul Industry’, where you will find out what would happen if god hired an ad agency. There are some real gems in this book.

4. Adverblog. In 2003, Martina Zavagno founded Adverblog on a mission to get a job in digital communications. Now, the blog is one of the most read industry blogs with 6 authors, who write about the best ideas in advertising.

5. Advertising Week Blog. The Advertising Week Social Club regularly publishes premium content around advice, wisdom and inspiration in advertising. The blog offers a unique perspective because of the huge range of contributors. Industry leaders seem to enjoy sharing their thoughts in guest posts on the advertising blogs. This brings a lot of value to their readers.

6. Adrants. Adrants publishes insightful marketing and industry news. They like to experiment and find the newest and most valuable information in everything they write about. The blog is published by Steve Hall, who is co-founder at MarketingVOX, creator of the advertising social network AdGabber and co-founder at ad:tech. Supported by Angela Natividad and Murray Newlands, he offers comprehensive knowledge for advertising learners.

7. The Inspiration Room. The Inspiration Room is exactly what you think it is. Every day they feature a creative campaign in the fields of advertising, film and design. If you think that you are out of ideas, this is your place to find inspiration.

8. AdPulp. AdPulp releases thought-provoking insights on brand communication. They also comment on interesting ad campaigns. The site was founded in 2004 by copywriter David Burn and marketing technologist Shawn Hartley.

9. AdFreak. AdFreak is edited by Adweek’s Tim Nudd. The blog shares the latest and freakiest commercials with a lot of entertaining top 10 lists, like ‘10 ads that killed dubstep’.

10. More About Advertising. More About Advertising wants to bring you gripping stories on what really matters in advertising and marketing. The blog offers a behind-the-scenes view on recent campaigns thanks to experienced contributors, who work in the real advertising world.

11. Adverve. Adverve is not only a remarkable blog but also a podcast with currently 100 episodes. The contributors – Angela Natividad, Bill Green and Darryl Ohrt – share insights the way they want. That’s awesome, because many other blogs have strict guidelines (big companies in the background) telling the editors what they shouldn’t write about.

12. AdExchanger. AdExchanger, a media company lead by John Ebbert, focuses on creating news and views on data-driven digital advertising. The editors write insightful posts every day, which makes AdExchanger the number one go-to place for information on digital advertising.

13. Mashable Advertising. Mashable Advertising is a popular topic branch by Mashable. The site divides their articles in ‘What’s new’, ‘What’s rising’ and ‘What’s hot’, which gives everyone an idea about the latest discussions on advertising.

14. AgencySpy. AgencySpy is part of the Adweek Blog Network. It covers the ad agency industry from the inside, and thus offers fascinating inside perspectives on client relationships and ad campaigns.

15. Beyond Madison Avenue. Beyond Madison Avenue is maintained by TalentZoo, and a place where you can find jobs in advertising and marketing. The blog features articles on native advertising, agencies and digital trends.

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“I like Mediapost MAD and most of what they publish. Very helpful for a global picture.”

Stan Weitzman, CEO and Chief Brand Advocate at mADtivity

International Ad Agency Blogs

International ad agencies are active all around the globe. They have a good reputation and are famous for being the lead agency of well known brands. Reading their blogs will give you an inside perspective on the advertising industry. These blogs cover every topic they have to deal with in their own work. Among them things like ad blockers, digital trends, big data and social media.

1. IPG Media Lab. The Interpublic Group of Companies (IPG) is a global advertising holding company based in New York City. They maintain a blog with insights about ad blockers, brands and big data, among others.
Best Article: Are Branded Emojis The New Ad Unit for Twitter?

[image_with_text title_tag=”h5″ image=”18066″ title=”IPG Media Lab”][/image_with_text]

2. BBDO Knowledge. This knowledge collection from BBDO publishes mostly digital news. If you want to stay up to date with trends like virtual reality, the internet of things and social media, I recommend reading the BBDO Knowledge page.
Best Article: Meet Your ‘Maker’: the Case for Creative Technologists | By Laurent Thevenet

3. FCB Global International Blog. The marketing communications agency FCB has a worldwide network with 150 offices in 90 countries. Their official blog features topics like the Amazon Dash Buttons, intern stories and news on advertising and media.
Best Article: Deconstructing Data Analytics | By Sunny Joo

4. Serviceplan. Serviceplan is the largest owner-managed agency group in Europe. Their blog features insights about marketing and advertising.
Best Article: The power of humour | By Moe Jawhar

5. Leo Burnett. Leo Burnett ‘Thinking’ strives to give you the most thought-provoking perspectives on the media industry. This agency network, based in Chicago, has over 80 offices around the world.
Best Article: What Brands Need to Know About the Mobile Future | By Jason Parker

6. WPP. The WPP reading room, maintained by the London-based multinational advertising and public relations company, is one of the biggest collections of business knowledge you can find on the internet. They share articles on virtually every topic you can think of, and at a high quality level. It feels like being in a university library.
Best Article: The Future of Technology and its Impact on Our Lives | By Kunal Sinha

7. Walter Thompson Blog. This blog from J. Walter Thompson Worldwide publishes highlights of their work, recaps from events and fascinating trend reports.
Best Article: Meet Generation Z in J. Walter Thompson Company’s latest trend report

8. Plan B. The blog of the Chicago-based agency Plan B shares information about daily agency life, like their CEO’s company car as well as hilarious Top 11 lists.
Best Article: Top 11 Aftermarket Fads we all Could Have Done Without

9. Wieden + Kennedy. Wieden + Kennedy is a full-service agency based in Portland. They offer several blogs, which focus on highlighting their best work and providing behind-the-scenes information. Their clients include Nike, Coca-Cola and Facebook.
Best Article: Behind the scenes of the oreo instagram super bowl execution

10. WCG Common Sense. The ‘WCG Common Sense Blog’ shares lessons about the digital world, marketing and big data. The W2O Group President Bob Pearson also published the book ‘Pre-Commerce’, which is worth checking out.
Best Article: How social has changed the way I… work | By Samantha Hershman

11. FutureBrand. This FBlog talks about future-focused thoughts and perspectives. The blog is updated by FutureBrand employees. They strive to bring you the most valuable insights on the future of business.
Best Article: The Power Of Fun | By Jim Lowell

12. Ocean Media. Ocean Media is the largest independent agency on the West Coast of the US. They offer media industry news and captivating infographics.
Best Article: The History of Advertising Infographic

13. McCANN. The blog of global advertising agency network McCann features infographics, studies and thoughts on advertising and marketing.
Best Article: (1) New Friend Request | By Elly Dembo

14. Mullen Lowe Group. The news site of ad agency Mullen Lowe Group publishes articles about their work and business insights with real-world examples.
Best Article: The Hunt For Followers

15. DigitasLBi. Boston-based agency DigitasLBi publishes gripping reports like the ‘2015 Connected Commerce study of retail trends’. On their news site they share updates on their company and highlights of their work.
Best Article: What consumers want in 2015: multi-screen experiences, personalisation and social shopping

16. Grey Advertising Global. Grey Advertising News shares straightforward articles about their best campaigns. You get a pretty clear impression of work by Grey Advertising here.
Best Article: Children born on 9/11 star in moving video about the power of doing good | By Diane Herbst

17. MARC USA. MARC USA creates interesting live presentations and insights about digital content, behavioral economics and marketing.
Best Article: Media experts Nancy Roth and Jason Russo make sense of the upfronts and the newfronts

18. Sid Lee Insights. Montreal-based agency Sid Lee shares unique insights based on expert interviews and contributions from their employees.
Best Article: Digital Revolution… We ain’t seen nothing yet

19. Momentum Worldwide. Working with clients like Coca-Cola, Microsoft or Walmart, Momentum Worldwide also makes news about the advertising industry. They capture relevant discussions from business newspapers and therefore offer a great view on the media from an ad agency perspective.
Best Article: Huffington Post: Advertising in the classroom makes everyone most likely to succeed | By Chris Weil

20. Jack Blog. Jack Morton is best known for clients like IBM, Samsung and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation. Their advertising blogs focus on inspiring ideas and digital trends.
Best Article: There’s no such thing as digital strategy | By Joe Panepinto

21. MDC Partners. MDC Partners releases news about their agency, insights into their work, series like ‘Ad of the Day’ and guides which are all about digital strategies.
Best Article: How Food Brands Can Nail Instagram

22. Casanova Pendrill Blog. The Casanova Pendrill Blog writes about Snapchat, Branding and Social Media. They share completely honest thoughts about all kinds of topics.
Best Article: Snapchat Confessions: An abuse of technology or the way of the future?

23. NSA Media. The NSA Media Blog focuses on delivering the most useful insights in longer than average blog posts.
Best Article: 10 trends shaping the future of retail | By Kelsey Lindsey

24. Cundari. Cundari is an ad agency from Canada. Their news site delivers updates on their work and awards. The site dazzles with a beautiful masonry layout.
Best Article: Different Ways to Feel the Love | By Josh Kolm

25. Merkle Blogs. The blogs of the performance marketing agency Merkle publish high-quality posts about B2B marketing strategies, marketing technology, SEO and more.
Best Article: How to Plan Effective, Context-Relevant Customer Experiences | By Dawn deClouet

26. Cossette’s Blog. Cossette is headquartered in Quebec City. Their blog presents articles on PR, digital marketing and branding.
Best Article: Where was ad week’s controversy? | By David Jowett

27. Havas Blog. Havas is an ad agency headquartered in Puteaux, France. Their employees write about technology, Cannes and highlights of their work.
Best Article: 18Hubs in the Startup Nation

28. C-K Blog. Chicago-based agency Cramer-Krasselt shares valuable lessons on advertising. They even created an infographic on how Twitter reacted to the Mad Men series finale, which is worth reading.
Best Article: Infographic: How Twitter reacted to the Mad Men series finale. | By Melissa Severin

29. Campbell Ewald. The news tag “thought leadership” on the website of ad agency Campbell Ewald discusses branding and advertising.
Best Article: MBPT Spotlight: Local Ratings and Sheep Stabilization | By Dale Coons

Digital Agency Blogs

Digital agencies focus on creating the best digital advertising. They are experts in social media, SEO, mobile, email marketing and big data. They are geeks who know the latest communication tools. They are the ones clients call when they want more visitors on their website. Digital agency blogs like to create actionable guides, which you can easily use for your own business. If you strive to boost your website traffic, reading these blogs will get you on the right track.

1. 360i Digital Agency Blog. This agency specializes in search engine marketing, social media and mobile marketing among others. The blog delivers industry news and insights into the changing marketing landscape. They offer amazing reports and whitepapers as well.
Best Article: 5 Tips for Making Periscope Part of Your Brand’s Content Strategy | By Eric Sherman

[image_with_text title_tag=”h5″ image=”18067″ title=”Digital Agency Blog”][/image_with_text]

2. B2B Online-Marketing Blog (German). The blog of ad agency creative360 publishes guides on online marketing. They write about topics like SEO, email-marketing and online advertising. It is one of the most beautiful blogs you can find in advertising.
Best Article: Infografik: B2B Online-Marketing und Social-Media | By Jens Stolze

3. Conversant Blog. Conversant is an ad agency from Chicago, Illinois. Their blog focuses on corporate culture, advertising and consumer relationships.
Best Article: Understanding Personalization | By Andreas Becker

4. Architect 365. The Architect 365 blog presents guides on office 365, intranets and responsive layout. One of the lessons you will learn here is how to make modern websites with office 365.
Best Article: Building a teamsite: Planning | By Martin Pomeroy

5. Rabbit Blog (German). Based in Frankfurt, Germany, Rabbit strives to give you the best insights into email marketing. In 2014, they won the annual multimedia award. Clients include monster, Saturn and World Vision.
Best Article: Aufgepasst: Die wichtigsten Dos und Don’ts im Lifcycle-E-Mail-Marketing

6. Digital Insider (German). Digital Insider is maintained by Aperto Advertising Agency. They create thought-provoking white papers, which advertising-interested people, who understand German should read. The white papers are of a really high quality.
Best Article: Von ‘Big Data‘ zu ‘Right Data‘ (PDF Download)

7. Simpleshow Blog. The Simpleshow blog delivers explainer video insights, video marketing knowledge and news around their work. Simpleshow is a film production agency headquartered in Stuttgart.
Best Article: The Power of Storytelling

8. R/GA Techblog.The R/GA Techblog releases useful insights on tech. The topics range from beacons to programming languages like node.js.
Best Article: 3 Secrets to Building Billion-Dollar Apps | By Brian Hanley

9. dmc cc (mostly German). The publications by Stuttgart-based agency dmc cc are straightforward and inspirational. The topics include digital marketing, big data, digital pricing and digital strategies. A high percentage of them are published in English.
Best Article: How to successfully setup and manage a digital channel partner program

10. Brainwash (German). This blog, maintained by Munich-based ad agency webguerillas and Robert & Horst, publishes articles about social media and alternative advertising formats. They write about inside news for the agency webguerillas.
Best Article: Was braucht man zum Community Manager?

11. fischerAppelt Blog (German). The blog of Stuttgart-based fischerAppelt releases articles almost every day. They share updates on their company and unique insights into startups, content marketing and digital trends like fintech.
Best Article: German Marketing Angst: Don’t panic | By Harald Ehren

12. Axis41. Axis41 publishes valuable articles around content marketing, company highlights and how to increase the traffic on your blog.
Best Article: Why content marketing strategy should be your “next big thing”, part 1

13. deepr Journal (German). The blog of deepr, a Stuttgart-based agency, specializes on social media, websites and newsletters. They write about mobile trends, email marketing and social media.
Best Article: The Epicenters of Social Media Crises (Infographic) | By Christian Faller

14. Leadgenix Digital Marketing News. The Leadgenix Digital Marketing News features exactly what it promises. The news focus on SEO, social media advertising and content creation.
Best Article: How Much Does Digital Marketing Cost? | By Shawn Butler

15. Lingner (german). The blog of Lingner Consulting New Media GmbH regularly creates articles about digital marketing, social media and highlights from their work. They offer a beautiful blog design.
Best Article: Live-Streaming-Apps in der Unternehmenskommunikation – Periscope und Meerkat im Vergleich | By Ruth Adami

16. Digital Jungle. The Digital Jungle blog is all about digital marketing in China. If you want to learn about how to do marketing in China this is your go-to place.
Best Article: Using Social Media to Attract Chinese Tourists | By Matt McDougall

17. Embrace Blog (German). The Embrace blog, maintained by ad agency Medienfabrik, publishes articles on recruiting, corporate culture and digital marketing.
Best Article: Social Media, aber richtig! – Instagram | By Anna Schröder

18. DeVriesBlend. DeVries is a communication agency headquartered in New York. The header for their blog says “Viva Life!”, and their content ranges from happiness to agency life.
Best Article: Curiously Creative At SXSW | By Ann Marie Almariei

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Design Agency Blogs

Design agencies invest their energy in making your brand beautiful. Yeah right, but good design is not an end in itself, it also will improve your brand on many other levels besides its looks. Steve Jobs famously said: “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”. Design agency blogs often show highlights of their work and are a great place to find inspiration.

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“My product design projects range from wearables to furniture. Both Industrial Design Served and PSFK show a continuous and interesting collection of fascinating technological ideas and high end products which meet my specific taste.”

Hellen Westerhof, Founder at Westerhof Design

1. Markets Online. The Markets Online blog shares news, articles and fun facts. The articles provide us with impressive knowledge about branding, design and e-Commerce. Their blog is also very easy to look at because of its beautiful design.
Best Article: The Impact of Google’s Material Design in Retail

[image_with_text title_tag=”h5″ image=”18068″ title=”Markets Online”][/image_with_text]

2. Beyond Blog. Beyond is famous for clients like YouTube and Google. They write about topics like wearables, agency life, virtual reality and design.
Best Article: 5 steps for implementing a successful content strategy | By Emily Gallagher

3. nGen Works. The web design and development agency nGen Works features blog posts on client experience, digital news and inside stories from their company. They also publish exclusive interviews with interesting people like the head of mailchimp’s UX team.
Best Article: Improving The Client Experience | By Carl Smith

4. Snowflake Blog. The Snowflake Blog publishes articles on web design, marketing and SEO.
Best Article: The Creative Web Design Process | By Simon Bonello

5. BARREL Blog. BARREL writes impressive articles about e-Commerce, content creation, branding and lead generation.
Best Article: Our Framework for Qualifying Inbound Sales Leads | By Sei-Wook Kim

6. Fhoke Blog. The news site of Fhoke features design guides, company updates and highlights from their work.
Best Article: Keeping Clients Happy | By Brett Robinson

7. AWSEM’s awesome Blog. AWESEM’s Blog features writing about WordPress, Google Analytics and SEO ranking factors.
Best Article: Top Five SEO Quick Wins

8. The1stMovement Conversations. This blog is headlined “discourses on all things digital” and provides exactly that. They talk about culture, T1M news, design and development.
Best Article: Know thyself. How a long hard look at our agency’s inner workings can lead to an autehntic re-brand | By Cody Moiseve

9. Andculture Blog. The Andculture Blog focuses on design, opinions, work highlights and strategy. They offer valuable insights into topics like user experience and design.
Best Article: How Do We Decide What is Useful—and Design It? | By Justin Kunkel

10. Code Computerlove Blog. The Code Computerlove Blog offers articles about prototyping, digital impact and branding. They also create premium white papers like “how digital will influence the future of charities”.
Best Article: The right way to use feedback | By Matt Thornhill

11. Focus Lab. The Focus Lab Journal offers a collection of comprehensive case studies and stories from their company. They write about topics like customer service, brands and client relationships.
Best Article: Brands, Bigger than a Logo | By Sam Stratton

12. Huge Ideas. Huge is a digital agency headquartered in Brooklyn. They share inspirational ideas about SEO, big data, smart design and branding.
Best Article: Stay Ahead of the SEO Learning Curve | By David Sosnowski

Boutique Agency Blogs

Boutique agencies have a slightly different approach than global agencies. They try to keep their list of clients short, so that they can focus on their core value: Creativity. Their employees are respected artists and trusted creatives. Due to their creative approach, boutique agency blogs share a lot of entertaining articles and will give you a new perspective on advertising.

1. Evok Advertising. This blog, maintained by the Orlando-based ad agency Evok, includes articles about social media, native advertising and email marketing. Besides the blog Evok offers a huge spectrum of valuable white papers.
Best Article: 5 Social Media Tips to bolster your online reputation

[image_with_text title_tag=”h5″ image=”18069″ title=”Evok Advertising”][/image_with_text]

2. Sulke Blog. Sukle Advertising & Design is a creative agency based in Denver. Their blog publishes posts on their work highlights, which are worth checking out.
Best Article: Meet the craftsmen of modern printing

3. Killian Branding. BrandAids is the blog of agency Killian Branding. They write creative articles with entertaining headlines like “Never forget how selfish your prospect is”.
Best Article: Ideas should dance. Are motion graphics a cure for heavy text?

4. Sunrise Advertising. The blog of agency Sunrise Advertising talks about HTML5, the Facebook dislike button and other related topics.
Best Article: Why is B2B Advertising so Hard? | By Brian McHale

5. FRUKT Insight. FRUKT Insight offers ideas on music and entertainment. They create reports around the NYC fashion week, the Oscars and other awards.
Best Article: Field Work: The Definitive Global Guide to Brand Activations at Music Festivals’

6. The Marketing Arm Blog. The Marketing Arm Blog shares updates about their work, thoughts and culture.
Best Article: Five things you need to know about Facebook Instant Articles

Full Service Agency Blogs

Full service agencies are able to handle the overall branding and marketing strategy for their clients. They can easily replace the marketing department of your brand. If you need a marketing plan, graphic design, media planning and the full execution of your campaigns, a full service agency is your perfect contact. These blogs will help you to see the big picture.

1. The Richards Group. The Richard Group is the biggest independently owned agency in America. The Dallas based agency works with clients like The Home Depot and GameStop. They cover a variety of topics like direct marketing and social media.
Best Article: The Key To Great Super Bowl Advertising | By Bill Cochran

[image_with_text title_tag=”h5″ image=”18070″ title=”The Richards Group”][/image_with_text]

2. Tombras Blog. Tombras in an agency headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee. They write insights on digital & social media marketing.
Best Article: Analytics and Optimization Strategies for B2B Campaigns

3. RPA. Headquartered in beautiful Santa Monica, RPA focuses on delivering the best thoughts and ideas on the advertising industry.
Best Article: 10 easy ways to get promoted at your agency | By J. Barbush

4. Stuart Hirst Advertising. Stuart Hirst Advertising & Marketing is an agency based in Leeds, UK. Their advertising blogs feature articles on video marketing and Social Media.
Best Article: Social Recruiting: Twitter Recruitment Tips | By Sara Thompson

5. Hill Holliday Blog. Hill Holliday is one of the top agencies in the US with clients like Bank of America, LG and Dunkin’ Donuts. They write about ‘Why Facebook is Becoming the Walmart of the Internet’ and GIFs you can’t resist.
Best Article: Dunkin’ Donuts Offers Up Some Special Views in VR Videos Created With Discovery

6. Martin-Wilbourn. The Martin-Wilbourn Journal publishes actionable advice on topics like how to be more influential online, or how to boost your Twitter interactions. It feels like attending multiple workshops on all things digital.
Best Article: How to be more influential online

7. MDG Advertising. The advertising & marketing blog of MDG creates posts about infographics, mobile and social media marketing.
Best Article: The State of the Internet 2015: Content Trends [Infographic]

8. The Deutsch Blog. The Deutsch Blog shares inside stories from their agency. They write personal and authentic articles including some really entertaining moments.
Best Article: The 30 Most Creative People in Advertising 2016 | By Lara O’Reilly

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PR Agency Blogs

PR agencies handle the brand communication of their clients. They will strengthen your image, sharpen your brand, and clean up after a PR crisis. Reading PR agency blogs will help you to understand the importance of brands and how to be proactive in public affairs.

1. Ketchum Blog. Ketchum is one of the largest PR agencies in the world. Their Blog is updated up to 3 times a week with insights and stories from the PR world. Clients include Barbie, IKEA and Sony PlayStation.
Best Article: Twitter: You’re Doing It Wrong | By Jim Lin

[image_with_text title_tag=”h5″ image=”18071″ title=”Ketchum Blog”][/image_with_text]

2. Powell Tate. PT Insights shares unique thoughts on strategic communications and public affairs.
Best Article: Unlocking the Magic Kingdom of Engagement | By Raphaele Schnoll

3. Waggener Edstrom Blog. Waggener Edstrom is best known for clients like Microsoft. On their blog they feature updates on their work, client communication and social innovation.
Best Article: How many words will Flipagram kill? | By Chris Talago

4. CP/Compartner Blog (German). The CP/Compartner blog, maintained by the Berlin-based agency, shares company news and interesting industry insights.
Best Article: WhatsApp-Marketing | By Ann-Cathrin

5. Porter Novelli Intelligence. Porter Novelli Intelligence writes about branding and PR almost every day. They quickly react to industry news like the VW scandal and share their perspective and tips on these topics.
Best Article: Getting Started with Paid Search | By Will Tucker

[icon_text box_type=”normal” icon=”fa-comment” icon_type=”normal” icon_position=”left” icon_size=”fa-2x” use_custom_icon_size=”no” icon_animation=”q_icon_animation” title=”Expert Quote” title_tag=”h4″ separator=”no” target=”_blank”]

“I don’t read blogs on advertising. I read blogs on everything else, just as literature, music or fashion. It is better to be inspired than to ruminate stuff others did.”

Torben Otten, Creative Director at thjnk

Do you know any additional advertising blogs that are worth reading or do you share Torben’s opinion? Let us know in the comments below.

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