Sunshine Taboada, Digital Account Director

Marketing and Advertising



Can you describe some key problems you were facing before you started using Filestage?

We needed a system or software that would provide a streamlined workflow specifically for video assets but can also work with other media.

It also needed to be intuitive and easy to use for both internal and external teams.

Can you describe an example of what that would have looked like in action?

A system that can cater to multiple users with a Kanban like setup and can handle a huge number of file heavy assets.

Surprisingly, I’ve looked at DAMs and other software and only Filestage specifically catered to what I needed and what I was looking for.

Can you describe an example of what that looks like now using Filestage?

I can categorise the different projects I am working for, add review steps with different reviewers per step, restrict access to a specific step per user type/group.

Most importantly, it is usually very difficult to onboard a client to a new system to use.

With Filestage, there were of course hesitations at first but once the onboarding session was over, they were happy on how easy it was to use and understand and have adapted to it quite well.

Is there a specific feature in Filestage which you appreciate the most? If yes, why?

The ability to drag and drop from one review step to another and get consolidated feedback from multiple reviewers.

Improve your review workflow.

Get started with Filestage. Give it a shot!

" With Filestage we can coordinate our marketing activities in a consistent, parallel, and above all clear way. "

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" With Filestage, we have the whole review process in one tool. That means no emails and most importantly: happy users on both sides. "

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" Thanks to Filestage our review and approval process is easy, fast and transparent from the beginning to the end. "

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4.8 out of 5

4.8 out of 5

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