Marco Martusciello, Marketing

3D agency


Stuttgart, Germany

Who are you, and what is your main focus?

ALDINGER + WOLF is a 3D agency, which has operated nationally and internationally for 25 years. On the basis of 3D models, we produce visualizations (renderings), animations, and videos (including virtual reality applications) for our clients. Furthermore, we’re able to completely produce high-end, realistic movies on our own. With us, full-service means full-service, so we’re true to the motto: We make your visions visible!

In your opinion, what creates good workflow?

Workflow has to be easy, clear, and comprehensible—both internally and in cooperation with our clients. Both parties have to be informed about the current process of the project. They must at least be able to inform each other at any point of time.

Why did you start using Filestage?

Filestage offers our clients an easy, clear, ubiquitous, applicable approval platform, which we haven’t seen before. Consequently, Filestage speeds up our workflow.

What is the main benefit Filestage offers you?

Without Filestage, our approval processes with our largest clients would be impossibly complicated. Especially in our movie sector, Filestage became irreplaceable, due to the opportunity to provide exact frame-based feedback.

Since you started using Filestage, have you noticed any differences in your communication workflow?

The number of time-consuming phone calls has decreased, as have misunderstandings during discussions about changes. Due to the fact that clients are using the feedback tool from home, they aren’t limited to our business hours any longer.

How have your clients reacted to Filestage?

We've had nothing but positive feedback—especially about the simple handling and the opportunity to provide frame-based feedback. They’re completely convinced.

Who would you recommend Filestage to?

In general, I would recommend it to all my friends and clients who’re producing digital content—from images to documents and movies—and are searching for an easy, reliable feedback tool.

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