Christian Faller, CEO

Digital advertising agency


Stuttgart, Germany

Who are you, and what is your main focus?

deepr is a Stuttgart-based digital advertising agency, which focuses on online marketing, websites, and social media. We concentrate on small and midsized companies, and we do all of our services in-house.

Why did you introduce Filestage to your company?

Our reviews reached alarming proportions, and we became deeply involved in long email threads. It became very non-productive: the wrong versions were edited, and everybody lost overall.

In your opinion, what creates a good workflow?

A good workflow is characterized by efficient communication and the avoidance of unnecessary work steps.

What is the main benefit that Filestage offers you?

At a glance, our customers can see how a project has developed during various feedback loops. In this way, the true value of our work becomes visible, and the version quickly becomes final.

How have your clients reacted to your usage of Filestage?

The onboarding is working very well, which is the main reason we use Filestage. It focuses on the essential features and leaves out niche functions. That’s why clients don’t feel overwhelmed, which is very important.

In proportion to your total workload, how much time does it take to coordinate your feedback?

Approximately 30%.

Who would you recommend Filestage to?

All creative minds can profit from Filestage. It doesn’t matter if they come from graphic arts, the conceptual side, or the video sector. Filestage can be used for many different applications.

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" With Filestage we can coordinate our marketing activities in a consistent, parallel, and above all clear way. "

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" With Filestage, we have the whole review process in one tool. That means no emails and most importantly: happy users on both sides. "

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" Thanks to Filestage our review and approval process is easy, fast and transparent from the beginning to the end. "

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