Adrian Müller, Director of Photography

Online job platform


Karlsruhe, Germany

What is

It’s an online job market with ONLY! ONLY! ONLY! videos on it. We are still a startup, but we rely on our combined 16 years of experience working in agencies. Both the employers and talent at provides an opportunity to present oneself to the employment market or look for jobs.

In your opinion, what creates a good workflow?

Using tools that are tailored to our needs. They simplify complicated issues, and allow faster ways to communicate.

What does feedback mean to you?

Feedback is the basis of communication. It transmits perceptions, corrections, and video-change requests.

Why did you start using Filestage?

We produce 60-second videos that provide little scope for artistic freedom. If a video from an external camera person fails our standards, we use Filestage as a feedback tool to discuss corrections.
Communicating video-change requests via telephone or email is very cumbersome. We were searching for a tool that would enable us to easily do these feedback loops.

Who would you recommend Filestage to?

Anyone who deals with corporate videos, commercials, or short films—and frequently has to coordinate with producers or clients—should have a look at Filestage.

Have you noticed any changes in your communication workflow since you started using Filestage?

Since we started using Filestage, misunderstandings and email ping-pong were reduced.

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"The exchange has gotten much faster and more precise, so we’re able to quickly boil our projects down to their common denominators."

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"With Filestage, we now have all feedback collected in one single place and directly linked to the videos."

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"Without Filestage, our approval processes with our largest clients would be impossibly complicated."

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4.8 out of 5

4.8 out of 5

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