Mischa Flinspach, Project Manager

Film Production


Hamburg, Berlin, Köln, Frankfurt, München and Zürich


Who are you, and what makes you stand out?

We love videos! We love stories. We love design. We love complex content, which we can boil down to the most significant points. We love producing the most beautiful videos you’ve ever seen.
Our company includes 58 people: video enthusiasts, business people, musicians, digital natives, designers, investment bankers, art-schools graduates, scriptwriters, and marketing specialists. So we do much more than just produce videos.

Why did you start using Filestage?

Filestage offers us a way to easily communicate and precisely handle external feedback. And this process is handled with great precision and knowledge.

In your opinion, what creates a good workflow?

Expertise and know-how are important, but it’s most important to have fun, passion, and joy about the things you’re doing. Mutual appreciation, respect, and trust round out our workflow.

What does feedback mean to you?

For us, feedback involves a constructive response to our delivered content.

What is the main benefit Filestage offers you?

The number of feedback loops is significantly reduced by using Filestage.

Since you started using Filestage, are there any differences in your communication workflow?

Overall, a more intensive exchange regarding different video content becomes possible. The exchange has gotten much faster and more precise, so we’re able to quickly boil our projects down to their common denominators.

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