“With Filestage, we now have all feedback collected in one single place and directly linked to the videos.”

Jan Lebherz, Producer

Jan Lebherz, Producer

Commercials and animated videos


Stuttgart, Germany

Who are you, and what makes you stand out?

We create commercials and animated videos. Our production, postproduction, and animation, and creation departments all work together in one location. Our in-house specialists have worked together in our agency for a long time, so we are perfectly in tune with each other. We perform at high speeds, are cost-efficient, and have a lot of creativity (in both small and large projects).

In your opinion, what creates a good workflow?

Two things are important for achieving a good workflow: A well-coordinated team, which is used to the process, and software solutions, which are well-matched within the workflow.

How important to your work is communication with your customers?

Customer communication is a central part of our work. Without understanding their needs and expectations, we aren’t able to achieve appropriate results. The time we spend communicating with our clients depends on individual projects.

What does feedback mean to you?

Feedback provides the possibility of indicating whether or not we’ve met the expectations and specifications of our clients. Therefore, good feedback doesn’t always have to be positive, but it should be used to improve production.

Why did you introduce Filestage to your company?

To speed up and simplify our feedback loops, we implemented Filestage into our approval processes.

What is the main benefit that Filestage offers you?

We often work on projects that include a lot of small, different videos. Approving this large variety of videos via email took lot of time. With Filestage, we now have all feedback collected in one single place and directly linked to the videos.

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