“Filestage is a very helpful tool for our work. We love using it with our clients.”

Lisa Mirka Brüchler, Founder

Lisa Mirka Brüchler, Founder

Corporate Movies

Berlin, Germany

Who are you, and what makes you stand out?

Zitronenfilm produces and markets authentic corporate movies and cinematic content. We’re qualified journalists who’re excited about real stories. In our corporate movies and commercials, we tell stories about people and their motivations. Our explanatory videos are produced to bring interesting, exciting content to our audience—in an entertaining manner.

Which challenges did you face while coordinating with your clients and colleagues?

Before we started using Filestage, there were a lot of misunderstandings concerning different visions of the final product. We were using many different interfaces, which led to longer process.

Did you notice any changes in your workflow since you started using Filestage?

We realized that Filestage makes it possible to communicate with our clients more easily and frequently. The attractive user interface of the tool helps us save time, and it simplifies the process of viewing video material. Furthermore, all data is stored and structured in a single place.

How do your clients react to your usage of Filestage?

“When Zitronenfilm sent us the raw material via Filestage, there were a lot of positive reactions. It was very helpful to our workflow to be able to directly add comments and notes to the relevant sequences of the video.”

How would you describe Filestage in one sentence?

It is a very helpful tool for our work, and we love using it with our clients.

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